Meme-ing For a Reason #1 – Is This A Reason Not To Care?

I love making memes about fandom and my experiences in fandom. Have a meme.

The “Is this a pigeon” meme with the a thirteen year old weeb mistreating people over shipping as the butterfly and adults in fandom gesturing at the weeb-butterfly and going, “is this a reason not to care about an unrelated conversation about racism in fandom?

I think it’s really funny (but like in a morbid way) when I see someone using a twitter user as an example of how bad all “antis” are (where anti can mean anything from someone harassing someone over ships to someone that dislikes a character or trope to… someone writing about racism in fandom) and that “antis” need to handle this person because there’s apparently a hive mind afoot…

And I then click through to go block and report the person because it’s my thing and then the “anti” in question is like a thirteen year old weeb shouting about a ship from a show they shouldn’t be watching in the first damn place.

The idea that I – as someone with anti-ness thrust upon me despite how I only accept being a Ticketmaster and Drake anti and have actually asked people to stop calling me that since it’s for people who harass others and EYE do not do that – am suddenly responsible for a stranger on the internet young enough to be my kid because they hate a completely different set of things from the things I’m currently not vibing with…

That is honestly laughable.

But especially more so from people who will immediately disavow OR coddle racists in their fandom spaces (and there are always so many). These are folks that will even say that they would care so much about racism in fandom (from their peers and actual friends in fandom) if not for “antis” in fandom or the perception that they are “antis” in fandom for… caring about criticism.

And then they do all of this and just go (in example) “you are responsible for this teenager angry about Loveless 15 years after the anime ended and if you don’t handle this strange shitty child or young adult, I will never care or talk about racism in fandom.”.