Valentine’s Day Drabbles x 6

Six drabbles for Valentine’s Day and my (current) favorite ships.  Sort of NSFW.

Pairings: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes (MCU), Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson(DC Comics), Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy(DC Comics), Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne (DC Comics), Sasha Hadley/Zeke Parker (Original Fiction/Wizardverse), Alexandra Andrade/Isabella Pulido (Original Fiction/Temptation Valley)

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On edging away from fanfiction to original works

I’m writing less and less fan fiction lately.

Obviously. I mean, I went from writing dozens of pieces of fan fiction a year (I went from writing 400k words a year to less than 70k) to less than twenty in 2015.

Something’s changed.

Part of it can be that fandom, the ones I write for at least, has changed. Many of the people who read the stuff I write aren’t there anymore because they’ve moved on to other fandoms or they’re just too busy. The new folks maybe aren’t interested in what I write or they don’t feel up to communicating as much, so if they’re there, I don’t know it.

Maybe it’s because my ships, tropes, or kinks aren’t super popular anymore and people just aren’t reading the type of content that I’m putting out so I’m putting out less content in response.

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A Thousand Masks (Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne – DC Comics)

Title: A thousand masks
Fandom: Batman (Comics)
Pairing/Characters: Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne, Gilda Chen, Silver St. Cloud
Rating: Mature/Low R
Length: 7600 words
After eight years abroad, Bruce Wayne comes back into Gotham just in time to celebrate the new year.

Apparently, being Gotham City’s hard-partying prodigal son is hard work, and Bruce seems to have no time for a lowly ADA. Even if said ADA is probably the only real friend that Bruce even has left in this godforsaken city.

Four weeks to the day after his arrival back in Gotham, Bruce waltzes into Harvey’s office on the third floor of the District Attorney’s office as though it hasn’t been a month of Harvey playing phone tag and dealing out assorted excuses.
Contains: Unhealthy relationship, mild sexual content, angst

Beta Credit:  My friends Meeya and Fleet who are amazing, patient, and insightful beta readers. Without them, I couldn’t have gotten this story to its full potential.

Notes: Originally written and posted for Birthmonth 2014, this is probably the one piece of fiction that I’m eternally proud of and super pissed over how fandom never quite registered my talents or the ship’s strength. Since it’s Birthmonth 2015 now, I decided to put it up here on my blog so that other people could read it because I think it’s just fabulous!

This story draws a bit heavily from Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One  and is technically canon compliant. It also makes subtle nods to numerous parts of canon aside from B:YO including a few bits I got from the Batman Files.

There’s also a bit of lowkey racebending going on. As always, my Harvey Dent is biracial and in this incarnation, is played by a young Mark Taylor. On top of that, I decided to play a bit with my Gilda headcanons since she’s so underused by canon and slipped some of that into the story as well. In my head, she’s played by Guo Xue Fu (thanks in part to a recent marathon session of one of her dramas).

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[Fanfiction Rec] Next Big Thing (Arthur/Eames – Inception Fandom)

Title: Next Big Thing
Author: earlgreytea68
Pairing/Fandom: Inception
Word/Chapter Count: 283,112 words/231 chapters
Rating: Mature


Eames is certain that they will excel at being celebrity judges.

Arthur is not so sure.

But then, that’s usually how their relationship goes.

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In Defense of Fanfiction Writers

startup-593327_1280The first thing that I want to do whenever I finish a series is to start writing fanfiction for it.

The series could be perfect, full of perfect plot twists and characters that I want to curl up with, but I’ll still feel like cracking open a Word doc and penning a little something for it.

That’s just how my mind works. For me, the best way to show off that I read and enjoyed a series is to write about it. I don’t have that many followers on my little blog where I do the occasional review, but plenty of people read my fanfiction.Read More »