Dealing With My Own Kilgrave

This post deals with different kinds of abuse in relationships (including implied coercive sex acts and assault) and dealing with the trauma that follows. There are also spoilers for the first episode of Jessica Jones.


I’m writing this post with six minutes left in the first episode of Marvel’s Jessica Jones show on Netflix. Sure, I could have held out for the few minutes it took for the episode to end, but I didn’t want to. This might be too important and I don’t think that I’ll be able to get it out if I continue watching the show.Read More »

James Bond – A History Of Violence Against Women

Content Warning for mentions of domestic violence, abuse, sexual assault as “seduction”, and general violence against women


One of the recurring themes in the James Bond franchise is that even when a woman is strong and powerful, all James Bond has to do is overpower her — maybe smack or shake her around a few times before seducing her to the side of the angels – and she’s his for the taking. While the Bond series is itself a violent one with Bond and the bad guys getting their fair share of lumps in, the series has this intense focus on women being hurt.

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