Help Zina H make it to grad school!


Help me make it to grad school!

I’ve wanted to go to grad school since the moment that I graduated from FIU (Florida International University) in 2012. Unfortunately, life didn’t go as planned and I spent the next few years trying to make things work for me in the workforce.

In September, I decided to apply at my alma mater for grad school. I didn’t go with the history department again I decided to go with the English department for an MA in Literature because much of what I’ve been doing in my spare time has revolved around media analysis and looking at things like race and gender.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get in the way I had planned. Instead of being admitted immediately, I was at first told that I would have to defer my enrollment to the Fall 2016 semester while I took two classes (which would’ve come up to over $2000 for the semester) in the Spring. Thanks to the director of the program really going to bat for me, things changed for the better.

Earlier this month, I was given late (and conditional) acceptance to grad school in the English Department’s Literature program. I’m officially in the program and registered for three classes starting next month and I currently have a place to stay with one of my darling professors from undergrad!

Here’s the thing though, while I am 99% sure that I’ll be getting loans to cover classes and bills (and I’ll be looking for work in the area and on campus, as well), there’s still a gap period before any of that will go through and I have no income to cover things like food and transportation (because my car is currently not with me).

I’ve wanted to continue on to higher education from day one and now that I’m so close to getting where I need to be, I really don’t want to have to turn around and give up. I’ve been accepted into a great program at the college and I’ve got a place to stay for the meanwhile.

All I need is a little help to make sure that I can survive until loans disburse and I can get a job in Miami!

Thank you for any help and money that you can give!

[To read more about what the money will go towards, visit my YouCaring page!]


The Waiting Game: Grad School Application Edition

I’ve wanted to go to grad school since the moment I graduated with my BA back in 2012.

Unfortunately, due to complications (like no real aim or money), my grad school dreams fell by the wayside. I lazed around for a year before getting into education and taking a course to become a teacher — something that I finally realized wasn’t my calling back in April. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, only that I wanted to go back to school. Another history degree (a MA to follow my BA and AA) made the most sense.

But then —

My history degree doesn’t actually let me do much? I can’t work in my field and I don’t teach and well… I have no time to put that history knowledge and research ability into play in my writing the way I wanted to. Read More »