[Webtoon Wednesday] My Husband, My Sister, and I

Title: My Husband, My Sister, and I

Author/Story: muso (original story), PISTACHIO (adaptation)

Artist: WOOSA

Rating: Teen (with a dot of spice)

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Marriage and Divorce, Revenge

Hosted On: Manta Comics

Official Link(s): English

Official Summary:

“I taste her on your lips.”

On the night of our fourth wedding anniversary, I witnessed my husband having an affair. “I love you,” he told my twin sister as he laid on top of her. This can’t just end easily with a divorce. No, I’ll make them pay for this.

My Thoughts:

I’d been putting off “My Husband, My Sister, and I” for a while now because I wasn’t ready to return to my wallowing over the worst kind of female antagonist: the betrayer. I started it knowing that this series would have me sitting there biting my knuckles as I tried to resist the urge to call the antagonists all sorts of names. I wasn’t ready for the stress except… I kind of needed it.

“My Husband, My Sister, and I” is an ongoing webtoon about Lyanna Lloyd and her path of revenge after she realizes that her husband of four years, George Lloyd, has been cheating on her with her twin sister Lizbeth. Things get worse when Lyanna realizes the extent her sister and husband are willing to go to get her out of their way.

Think of this series as a fantasy version of “Marry My Husband” because a lot of the plot beats are super similar. It simply lacks the contemporary romance and reincarnation elements of the former. When Lyanna realizes that the duo are poisoning her and, because they live in her husband’s home, are conspiring with the servants to hide their affair, that makes her even angrier. When she finds out that her husband is also embezzling from her family’s hotel empire in order to pay for bribes to get ahead? That cinches things: she needs to take them down for real.

This series is… interesting and frustrating. Several chapters in, I thought the story would be wrapped up quickly because there was no reason to have Lizbeth keep on going. She’s genuinely one of the worst versions of the Fragile Femme Fatale ™ character achetype that’s present in a lot of these series. She’s hated Lyanna their entire lives solely because she thinks that if not for their birth order she would be the one in charge of their family’s business empire. (You find out the reason for her position in the family hierarchy and why she didn’t get as much love as her sister – supposedly – later on in the series and so you Get It… but it’s still annoying.) From a very young age, Lizbeth has hated Lyanna and has been trying to dispose of her sister in order to replace her. However, it’s not Lyanna’s fault? She actually didn’t do anything wrong?

And beyond that, nothing excuses systematically stealing every single thing possible from your twin sister? Her love interests, her friendships, her reputation, and her health. This is a slightly different situation from the one with Sovieshu in The Remarried Empress because where I’m like “Sovieshit is the real problem”… actually Lizbeth is the real problem. Even after George Lloyd is no longer in the picture, Lizbeth continues to try and harm Lyanna and the emperor of their kingdom once relationships change on that part. A man isn’t guiding Lizbeth’s actions, she’s acting like this because she cannot let things go. She’s been slighted and the ruler of their nation will pay… and it’s ridiculous because if you kill the emperor… you’re… gonna die next?

I don’t understand a lot of the antagonists in these webtoons. If you read this series, it’s clear that the husband isn’t worth anything. He’s a pathetic man locked up in his own inadequacies. Lizbeth is the real architect here and it’s so frustrating to watch her run around trying to manipulate a man that’s not even worth it. Why waste your time on a man like that? Even if your goal is to get revenge on your sister… who did nothing wrong but be born first?

Anyway, I’m actually obsessed with this series now. I read it while sick and so it truly does live in my head rent free. I’m looking forward to its eventual conclusion because seriously… Lizbeth literally shouldn’t be alive right now and yet… she is.


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