That Fanlore Shit

TL:DR – at least one person (twitter user @/GoodyBarwicke) maliciously edited my Fanlore page in August 2021 – I didn’t go to check because no one ever updated it, but once I saw it yesterday, I got extremely upset. That user used Fail Fandom Anon users and people who have been harassing me for years over their love of racism in fandom as “sources” to essentially fill my Fanlore page with a trumped up “Controversies” section that has no basis in truth, lies fully about my behavior, and doesn’t even engage with stuff I have actually addressed even before the “racists in fandom have been harassing me for years and escalated starting in 2019” shit.

So far I haven’t heard back from anyone associated with Fanlore but the article is in edits of some sort but I can’t check because I am violently ill every time I think about this and I just managed to eat for the first time since last night. As far as I know, the user who put the changes in originally is still doing their best to argue that their biased inclusion of hateful anons and reylo shippers who’ve spent years harassing me is relevant – more so than my work, interviews I’ve done, my whole thing about vore, omegaverse, and namjoon – separately of course.

Edited 9:00PM – The Fanlore Admin Team just got back to me. They’ve found that the piece contravened their “Plural Point of View” policy and are reviewing and researching to ensure the page will be balanced. I’m hopeful that they look to people actually talking about what I do, people who like my work or learn from it – even if we don’t see eye to eye 100% (we don’t even need to), and that balance should extend to more than just who I piss off by doing my own shit.

From here

Almost every “reference” link on my @Fanlore_wiki page is a Fail Fandom Anon link and the entire “Controversy” section is misrepresenting what I do/what I write without any recognition of the multi-year harassment campaign I’ve been dealing with (

Like none of this is true? Not only have I specifically said what could be done at the bottom of this post from SEPTEMBER (…) but that “stitch advocates for harassment” tweet isn’t even doing what they say and is taken out of its context?

Can someone who edits on @fanlore_wiki help here? Because this is clearly part of the well-documented harassment campaign I’ve been dealing with to the point of people trying to get me fired for my work and misrepresenting it as harassment so they can then harass me?

I wrote @fanlore_wiki informing them of what’s happening because like… yes talk about the criticism or “controversy” but all of those links are FFA, a noted hub of harassment, & none actually engage with the fact that I’ve been subject to a long term RACIST harassment campaign

Here’s the full message as sent to @fanlore_wiki. If anyone can help me here because this is harassment ONCE MORE because I write about racism… I’d appreciate it deeply.

@/GoodyBarwicke went through & did all of that back in august and while I have them blocked (through chainblock, I do not know them to block them personally) I just… what did I do to this person to make them hate me so much that they SOLELY updated my page to support my haters

I have documented ALL of the harassment I’ve gotten. I talked about how the “stitch advocates for harassment of authors on AO3” tweet was the 2nd tweet in a thread AND taken out of context because it was explaining what happened, not saying i supported or urged it?? 

Malicious editing/vandalism of wiki pages is a long-documented form of online harassment and it’s super clear that progressive online fandom deals w/ it too considering that my @fanlore_wiki page has been edited to build a 1-sided narrative that ignores years of racist harassment

Bonus: there’s someone asking why my birth name isn’t on my fanlore page and a) outside of 2 published books I don’t use my birthname. stitch is my name. period. b) yes please put my birth name on a site where people are lying on me, further disrupt my google searches /sarcasm

I didn’t know, when I published my books, that I could publish as anything other than my birth name. Future books won’t use that name.

“stitch” isn’t a fandom username. It’s my name. It’s fucked up to want to put my birth name on a page that’s opened me to MORE harassment

What’s wild is this person STILL trying to update my page ONLY uses sources who are either anon on NOTORIOUSLY bigoted and aggro fandom anon meme Fail Fandom Anon or people who publicly profess to hate me. My words apparently don’t hold the same weight?

I’m told the person (named up-thread) who did those changes is still aggressively trying to argue for why my “Controversy” section has to look the way it does and I mean, it’d be like if you let someone who harassed Kelly Marie Tran edit her wiki. Fueled by racist harassment.

You can cite my haters but not me. Except tweets taken out of context. You can link to people literally lying about my patreon output – because THAT sure is a thing that was on the original page – but not to my actual work?? 

“Their “Weaponized White Womanhood” essay has been criticized for incompleteness and a lack of intersectionality.[9]

Others have criticized them for siding with bigoted commentators when they happen to be mocking targets such as [Rey/Kylo shippers].[10]”

First of all, the “weaponized white womanhood” essay is about people weaponizing a fear of John Boyega and portraying him as a sexual threat. How is it lacking intersectionality.

Second, I’m not clicking the linked FFA thread but I’m sure the people complaining don’t check their friends who are BEING BIGOTED about me. 

Meanwhile, I’m held responsible for engagement on a level no one else is in fandom? I don’t think I’ve purposefully supported a tweet/user being bigoted because they dunk on the fandom harassing me for 5+ years?? 

But plenty of people support others in fandom BECAUSE they’re waging war against me and harassing me… including racism, misgendering, calling me all kinds of awful names unprompted.

From here

I really appreciate this. Like… What’s been hard is how alone I have felt. This is happening publicly – people spreading lies about me trying to crowdsource “proof” that I’ve harassed someone, destroying my reputation, and trying to get me fired – and so many people ignore it

People ignore what these people are doing to me. They don’t do their own research. They don’t fact check. They just… spread the lies, tut about how people would listen to me if I were nicer, claim I deserve it for disliking whatever their ship is… Even if it’s one of mine. 

And this has been going on for years. Every year it’s worse. Queer and feminist fandom has been harassing me for years and every year I think “this can’t get any worse” but then it does and no one outside of my immediate circle in fandom gives a shit or pushes back

People are trying to get me fired. One person claimed publicly that she filed a police report against me for stalking – even though she literally said in the next tweet that she repeatedly tried to email my editors to get them to fire me. They’re creepy racists – even the POC TOO

And it’s okay for people in fandoms I’m not even in to lie about and harass me for years because I use block chain and so lots of people get blocked, because I use the word “PickMe”, because I curse sometimes, because I publicly express mild dislike of things, etc etc etc. 

And there’s nothing I can do to stop this. Nothing my friends can do. Because there are so many people who have decided to misrepresent me bcuz I’m a threat to the racist fandom experience they love… So they either actively work to take me out or they watch as others do it. 

I’m tired and I’m sick and fandom is full to the brim of racist white people and POC who trail after them for crumbs & who won’t leave me alone ever (I’m truly just trying to vibe) but also none of these people ever have this smoke for actual abusers, harassers, or racists here.

From here.

I think one of the things about this Fanlore shit that pisses me off the most beyond the fact that people are so intent to harass me that they make up shit on my fandom wiki page is… I and my work matter beyond who I piss off (especially because my work is largely inoffensive)

My work is valuable as a jumping off point for many people across fandoms across years who message me often. I’m entertaining & funny. I like BTS & I’ve done cool things like interview Zendaya. I’ve unpacked fandom stuff in Teen Vogue with a fair eye. I am VERY readable. 

And yet, because of some racist dipshits with vendettas, my Fanlore page devotes more time to trumped up “Controversies” and lies than my entire body of work. Lies upon lies that don’t even bother to engage with my real work and that takes up more space than the work I’ve done. 

That’s not my fault. I talk about what I’m proud of often: Florida Omegaverse, my Anita Blake read-alongs, my YouTube channel, my column in Teen Vogue. I also talk about the harassment I get from people who can’t even be bothered to pretend they’ve read my work in good faith. 

I am constantly trying to model good behavior in my practices. I have talked about growth and trying to be less reactive and like… people refuse to leave me alone. They harass me. They harass people who I follow or who follow me. They stalk me. Because they love racism so much. 

Which isn’t an exaggeration? September and October of 2021, lots of queer white people, women, & POC of assorted identities said very clearly that racism – purposeful active racist fan behavior and fanworks that are written to be racist by racists – belong more in fandom than POC

But I don’t only write about racism. I write about my favorite K-pop idols. I write about people I love. I kind of only talk about ships I love actually. I dunk on the Anita Blake series regularly. I am trying to be helpful and all I seem to get is endless racist harassment. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t ask for a Fanlore page. I didn’t ask for folks in fandom to harass me for years – people on Fail Fandom Anon have had it out for me from 2015 when I first talked about how fandom’s thing for white dude slash erases characters of color/white women

I’m barely a public figure. I’m verified mainly because I was being harassed and people were impersonating me and lying about my behavior and I used those examples when applying for verification. My following is microscopic and yet I get harassed on a disproportionate level.


11 thoughts on “That Fanlore Shit

  1. I am sorry this hateful racist vandalism of your Fanlore page has happened. Your reaction is so understandable and relatable.

    In case you would like an update, I just (7:45 Eastern Time on February 9) went to the page and the associated “Talk” page. A lot of hateful and poorly sourced content has been removed (seems like all of it, but I don’t want to over-promise). Several people are working actively to re-write and add content so the focus is on your contributions to fandom and fannish discussion, and includes multiple perspectives (what they call PPOV). If you’re not ready to look at your specific page yet but want to check in, the “Talk” page might give you reassurance that Fanlore admins see the vandalism as wrong and vitriolic, have removed it, and are actively working to improve the information on your page. Or if you don’t want to take the word of a random reader, maybe have a friend check it out for you.

    I love how thoughtful your work is, and how much it helps me learn. Thank you.

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    • It’s just driving me wild how this is like… a constant and yet it doesn’t “count” as anti fandom? Like if I say “I don’t like ____” I’m an anti of it to countless people in fandom but people spending, at this point, years hating and harassing me and significant time “sourcing” biased POVs to excuse all of it are… what exactly? It’s so tiring.

      The Fanlore Admin Team got back to me a little while ago and I’ve updated the TLDR up top accordingly. I asked them if there’d be a way to keep that specific person who started this from editing again or a way to keep random people from making shit up and having it be taken seriously as a source.

      Like if I say “racism shows in x ways and i don’t know why people reject that omg wtf” and another POC says “no it doesn’t and also stitch said it in a mean way” or they curse at me or spread lies about me… what does that have to do with my actual work. They’re trying to make their personal problem with me part of my story in fandom.

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  2. I’m asking around to see if I know anyone who edits Fanlore. I kinda doubt it, I’ve been out of the loop way too long and everyone I’m close with is wary AF re: OTW for a variety of reasons, so we’ve all kept our distance, but if I can find a contact, I’ll see what I can do.


    • They just got back to me! I updated the post! At almost 9PM! So they’re working on getting it more balanced and like okay… but my work is more than who it angers? I am always talking about omegaverse and werewolves and I have had a semi public eneminity with Laurell K Hamilton (like it’s cooled, but we do have beef with each other) and I have over a million words of really varied work on here alone, but none of that matters more than… people who hate me enough to go on FFA and Twitter and lie about me? That part sucks.


      • Yeah, I was actually talking with someone else about how we think this could have been avoided altogether with some extremely basic top level policies. Which… Kind of sums up OTWs approach, as far as I’m concerned. But I am very glad they are working to mitigate the issue.


    • It’s very upsetting because these people swear up and down that *I* am harassing them but I’ve never interacted with these people – and even when I’ve linked tweets, it’s in the context of “look at this racist shit” and I don’t go after people like people go after and talk about me. Like my work is only truly controversial to racists (and people who pal around with them) and I hate people are trying to pretend otherwise and like they matter in my value to fandom.

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  3. I am not surprised people did this to you. POCs like us always face harassment like this when we stand up against mainstream views or “kill fandom darlings” or question things. I am angry though. The level of disrespect and outright villainy in thinking it is okay to criticise a real person like this. The level of pettiness and crap like that. I am really, really sorry. You do NOT AT ALL DESERVE ANY OF THIS. I am angry that someone thought this was okay to do. Seriously, if racist, ableist and discrimination is denied then THIS is an evidence of it. When people’s representation online is altered it posits a power structure. A ‘permissive’ in that someone CAN DO things like this and get away with it. I am really sorry. I hope you heal from this and get the necessary JUSTICE YOU DO DESERVE. I am just….so frustrated. Reading this made me angry and sad. And I know, you are with truth. you will triumph.


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