Makoto has long been ostracized because of his odd hobbies and a sexual kink others would see as disgusting. One day he finds a book on summoning demons and manages to summon the intimidatingly beautiful and rather chatty Archduke J. The demon offers to grant Makoto’s deepest twisted desire in exchange for his life. Once Makoto has sated his demented appetites, he fulfills his end of the bargain, only to find he’s been reborn as a monster…in hell!

Content Warnings: gore, dubious consent, flat out lack of consent, body horror, betrayal, cannibalism, complicated power dynamics, death and mutilation, corruption/corruption kink, murder

Okay! So if none of this has scared y’all away, I’m here to give away digital copies of Ryo Suzuri’s MADK!

This is my favorite erotic horror series ever – and I have read plenty. I love the dynamic between Mako and Archduke J as well as how Mako’s relationships with the other demons across the series evolves. This is a deeply dark series based on the premise of getting what you desire when what you want is deeply disturbing. I love Mako and I talked about how appealing he is as a protagonist to me over in one bonus episode of my podcast a few months ago.

I think MADK is thrilling, incredibly delicious, and so dark I wanna reach for a candle. It’s very similar to Tokyo Ghoul and Kaneki’s arc of becoming more monstrous and more human, but there’s the added bonus of uh… incredibly improbable sex. Like it’s wild how bodies work in this series and I love it.

If I could only read one manga series for the rest of my life, it’d be this one. Honestly.

And that’s why I’m choosing to give away copies!

TO ENTER: Be over 18 and use your real email address when you leave a comment below about what your favorite piece of horror in the world is. (While you don’t get bonus points for erotic horror, I’d appreciate it nonetheless!) You can comment using your social media or your wordpress account! Message me on Twitter or via the contact form if your comment doesn’t show up by like 9AM the following day.

Giveaway closes 10/23 at 11PM! I’ll email the winner!!

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  1. My favorite horror anything is John Carpenter’s The Thing! Also anything by Junji Ito! My Twitter is DarthRevanaRen!

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  2. Still giving it to Alien for me, it’s a masterclass in atmosphere and I adore the capitalism critique. There is so much good horror lately though and Get Out and other horror noire works are raising the bar across the genre.
    I guess one email I use is, but poke me so I check it.

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  3. Rae says:

    It’s hard to choose just one!! The first podcast I ever listened to was The Magnus Archives, and I only tried it because it was horror. I think for some of the scares it gave me, it gets first place. I have to mention 28 Days Later and Sunshine (both Danny Boyle) though because I make like EVERYONE I know watch them, I love them so much.


  4. My favorite piece of horror would have to be Yume Nikki! I’m a big fan of surreal, atmospheric horror, and YM I feel like is the perfect encapsulation of that! My email is, and I check it often enough!


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