To The Scott McCall/Tyler Posey Anti-Fans Who Think My Comment Section Is Free Real Estate

You literally do not know me or anything I’ve been up to in the Teen Wolf fandom – because if you did know as much about me as you claim, you’d know that my actual OTP in the show was Sterek (followed by Scott/Danny and Allison/Scott/Isaac, to be clear) and you wouldn’t all keep insisting I was somehow jealous of my own favorite ship’s popularity.

If you have something you think I need to see/know because you think I don’t have an informed opinion about it in any of these situations, there are better ways to get that information to me than leaving an essay-length comment insulting me, making up things I’ve said or engagement I’ve had over a decade, and aggressively insulting Tyler Posey or Scott McCall.

Do I need to write up a transparent comment policy so y’all know what won’t be allowed past my moderators? Because I will. Eventually.

But here’s a starter: If you’re criticizing Posey with proof – not from a rabid anti fan who’s spent a decade hating him – or commenting on Scott’s characterization in the show (which isn’t great), that’s actually fine. If any of you trying to climb up my ass since February did that or messaged me privately, maybe you’d be able to EDUCATE ME as you apparently want to underneath the vitriol. (I don’t think I have many ongoing Teen Wolf fans blocked on Twitter so getting in touch shouldn’t be that hard to start a connection.)

However, my mods/the website spam and abuse filter will not be even entertaining your constant comments that are abusive, aggressive, erase Tyler’s queerness (which he has mentioned a couple times before June/July 2021, but okay, keep erasing his identity because he’s not the Teen Wolf actor you wanted to come out!) and repeatedly insist that you totally loved my work on racism in fandom and blah blah blah but actually you learned that I am the real racist/a liar/whatever insults you can find from my actual anti-fans and now you believe that I’m a monster.

It’s not silencing you to not allow your comments on my website. You are lying on me to my own face and I’m sure you all say worse about me behind my back even though I do not actually think about you beyond these absolutely unhinged and entitled tantrums you throw at me regularly. You’re trying to do all of this in my own comment section.

You’re entitled to say what you want, true. But I’m also entitled to a life without online harassment.

You are harassing me because you’re mad that I like an actor that you don’t and that I think the fandom for his (ish) show mistreats him even after the show is off the air. You’re the baddies here, bitches. Not me. I need y’all to read beyond the Tyler Posey section of my last post to where I provide examples of the harassment people like you have been doing for years while pretending I’m the one at fault. Read those links and understand that you are part of the problem even if you’re “POC TOO”.

Please get a fucking life and stay the fuck out of my comments section because I have no interest in beefing with a bunch of people beating the dead horse of Teen Wolf fandom wank (because that’s what you are doing, not me). I have better things to do with my time and you… probably do too.