Fandom Forward GLA Panel: “Stopping Fandom Racism”

The Presentation Itself

Thanks to the very lovely folks at Fandom Forward, we’ve now got video of my panel. Ignore… all of the anxiety I put off across the tail end of this, thanks! If you can, please go donate to the organization so they can continue to organize and educate folks interested in being better in their communities!

Resources/Referenced Links

My Work

What Fandom Racism Looks Like archives

Teen Vogue Fan Service column

Academic Presentations

Reylo fans attempt to get black writer fired from Teen Vogue

My general non-fiction archive

Kelly Marie Tran on “Raya,” Internet Harassment, and Fandom

Other Creators’ Work

Squee From The Margins (Keep an eye out for Fan Studies conference and University of Iowa Press sales to get the book at half off at different points across the year.)

Writing The Other

Race and Popular Fantasy Literature: Habits of Whiteness

WOC in Romance

Writing With Color

Melina Pendulum on YouTube

Organizing Inclusive Fandom Spaces: The Basics

Tyler Posey: “I’m just a punk rock skateboarding kid from a small town”

If you have questions about anything here, please ping me via the contact form on my website and I’ll get to you ASAP!


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