[Thread Collection] Pro-Everything But Reading Comprehension, I see

Thread on my locked account from Jun 17, 2020.

What I wrote: Black characters get a specific kind of racist fanwork where it’s clear that the author is using fandom and their fanworks to abuse and torture them into place. Those are clearly racist fanworks and exist to harm. This should be something we can do something about.

What someone conveniently ignoring what I’m literally and CLEARLY saying got out of it: Stitch wants all stories with violence against Black characters taken down because she is an ANTI

Like the irony of having BLM in your display as you

A) misrepresent my black ass (and my work) which leads to me getting more harassment

B) appear to argue in favor of fanworks where Black characters are brutalized in order to make nonblack writers and fans happy


Actually this person is really arguing that there can be nothing racist about people gleefully writing fic Black people being abused in a world where it is clear that many non-black people on some level feel fixation with the sight of violence done to Black people.

Do y’all think there aren’t whyte supremacists and their communities in transformative fandom?

But more than that, do you think that a non-black person has the protected right to write torture porn about Black characters they hate and there’s nothing racist about the fixation?

I would honestly love it if all of these fake ass, supremely antiblack assholes (which includes the ones with internalized antiblackness) to take the blm out of their display names and keep my name out of their racist mouths. Because you’re about optics, not anti racism.

There’s a difference between a story where Vivienne (Dragon Age) gets hurt by a villain in a fight and a story where Vivienne is tortured mercilessly and in the notes, the author is like “tee hee, just had to put her in her place”


2 thoughts on “[Thread Collection] Pro-Everything But Reading Comprehension, I see

  1. To be honest, I’ve been questioning the abuse of fictional Black (and other men of color), characters, even in the source material. Marvel had a particular problem with this especially in the TV series that were on Netflix. The movies aren’t quite as bad but there are still moments that make me cringe.

    I mean Hollywood is largely made up of the fantasies of straight white men, so I certainly think they write a lot of marginalized characters (and women) the way they WISH people were in the real world, making them do things, and putting words in their mouths, that support white male patriarchy.

    So, its not too far out of my wheelhouse to think that there are fans out there who are much less professional in their writing about marginalized identities, and especially Black people ,and yes, authorial intent, as regards fandom, needs to be talked about.

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