A List of Things I Disliked About Infinity War and Endgame… In No Particular Order

As you all know, I am largely on social media hiatus. As a result, I have been making use of the Disney+ membership I got Meems so she could watch Wandavision. (Which is very good but Wanda is whitewashed – to an extent, it feels like the wrong word here but I don’t know what fits – in the casting and that’s not going away any time soon.) Anyway, in watching all of the MCU movies except the Spider-Man ones as they don’t seem to be on the platform, I have come to experience a deep loathing for Infinity War and Endgame.

So now, instead of doing literally anything else I am supposed to be doing, I bring you… a list of loathing.

  • Hawkeye should have died. Hawkeye absolutely should’ve yeeted himself off of that cliff and sacrificed himself for the greater good of humanity or what the fuck ever. Everyone in the world after Thanos’ snap has trauma and they all dealt with it in different ways, but Hawkeye’s way of coping was to murder people – conveniently yakuza and other “undesirables” he felt should’ve been evaporated instead of his family. Who does that? And then it’s all framed as Hawkeye living because he deserves to go back to his family and that he has value because of their existence while Natasha, thanks to Joss Whedon’s misogynistic mug, has no value because she ~can’t~ have a biological family. What the entire heck, y’all?
  • Steve Rogers has no common sense. We knew this from day one, of course. Very lovely man, enjoy looking at him if I turn my brain off and pretend he’s not walking, talking US Military Propaganda somehow… but the dude has nothing in the way of common sense. He can’t. Not if his grand old brilliant idea was to… go back in time and get his happy ending with Peggy. He went back to the past, absolutely derailed history and Peggy’s Life to slot himself into it without even a quick “hey if I come back will you be into that even though it means not having the loved life you did have” onscreen. NONSENSE!
  • This was the movie with the blink and you miss it “gay representation” right? Duck that shit. And no, that’s not autocorrect. I just can’t type. We’re over a decade into the MCU and we’re still getting ~wink wink, nudge nudge~ queer representation. That is some straight up bullshit. We deserve better than what we’ve gotten. Marvel Comics does have queer characters who could’ve been introduced years ago as main characters. Instead, repeatedly, queer characters are one-offs, killed on screen, minor joke characters, and do not get to show that their stories matter too.
  • Fat Thor. Why? Just… I know there are people who are like “I saw myself in him and that’s why this isn’t problematic” and as with other PickMes, I will say… shush. Thor gaining weight in his grief is a punchline I wish would’ve been dropped because of how fat people are turned into jokes. Endlessly. It would’ve been enough to have Thor drinking as a coping mechanism and healing from That especially because of how much Earth alcohol he’d have to drink to have it effect him.
  • Actually I’m still on the Natasha thing. Oh my god I don’t even like ScarJo like that and I’m mad on her behalf because Natasha has deserved better from the moment she was introduced in Iron Man 2 as a sexy spy. The fact is that they didn’t even do something that made sense because Natasha and Gamora’s deaths serve to orient men’s feelings about them, they both were sacrificed for a man’s goals, and then they both have movies coming out whenever movies start coming out again for the MCU. It makes no sense to have them killed off before their next movies and then if you’re bringing them back in films set post Endgame, that makes their shitty sacrifice extra hollow. And if they’re in a film set before that film… what even is the point?
  • Genuinely, I wrote all of that and was like “wait, is Gamora actually dead” because they failed so hard at plotting this film that I was unsure. How are they so bad at this.
  • Loki’s dead right? Like we watched him get stabbed. He and half of the other Asgardians are dead. So how is Loki getting a show? I refuse to watch whatever they’ve said about the upcoming show but please see my bullet point about Gamora and Natasha for those feelings.
  • Okay so who else realized that largely, there are next to no people of color in the MCU main movies and that in Infinity War and Endgame specifically, there’s rarely more than one person of color onscreen at a time and they tend not to talk to other POC either? Yeah, I shouted when the Wakandans showed up and all the different mystical apprentices and shit dropped in, but… People of color largely were afterthoughts in this film and it is tiring.
  • These movies really do continue the MCU trend of undoing the growth in single-character films and I am annoyed. Tony, Steve, and even Scott all suffered from being part of an ensemble movie by people who thought the comic book crossovers of the 90s were good storytelling.
  • Why is Endgame three hours long?

6 thoughts on “A List of Things I Disliked About Infinity War and Endgame… In No Particular Order

  1. This is every conversation I’ve ever had about Natasha, Steve, and queer representation in this movie, except more coherent and with less of me walking around and flailing in uncontrolled rage.

    And I would actually argue that because Roma are Indian-descendent, white-washed, while imperfect, is the best term there is for the Wanda situation. Like, sure, it doesn’t get at the situation where she’s also Ashkenazi, but given that there are lines of the comics where she’s 100% Roma, I think it’s the best we’ve got?

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    • Thank you for framing the use of “whitewashed” that way! That really clarified things for me! 😀

      And oh my god i’m actually annoyed again because they JUST announced the queer Captain America (cosplayer?) in the comics they’re putting out for June or something and like… representation doesn’t need to be stuck in those months where we’re reminded that these people exist and matter like??? Make Steve queer NOW?? It’s not that hard!! Him and 616 Tony have ALWAYS had something going on that defies cis-het POVs, I feel?


      • I missed this announcement, but honestly, it just makes me tired? Like I’m NOT someone who won’t buy rainbow shit from Target because they’re profiting off my gayness in a capitalist frenzy, I think I deserve to be fucking catered to in certain ways and rainbow crap at lots of stores falls in that category. But there’s a difference between catering and pandering, and this? This is the latter.

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  2. yes, yes and more yes. Endgame was a three hour reminder all the MCU’s weak points. also no, Loki isn’t dead — well a version of him isn’t. when they went back in time to get the Tesseract the first time and fucked up, Loki grabbed it and escaped so there is an alternate timeline (?? i know the MCU Power Rangers: Time Force are in his show so maybe it’ll make more sense later) where he’s still alive

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    • I finally watched the trailer for this like… yesterday and oh my god?? I knew we were going to get multiverse theory in action from Doctor Strange, but seeing the fruits of that movie play out in relative real time was A Lot.

      Thank you for commenting and also for shouting with me about the MCU doing… whatever Endgame was


  3. I am still very much stuck on the Hawkeye and Natasha thing. I really can’t let that go!
    Hawkeye should have died, and Natasha got done dirty!
    The movie was for me, a not too deep, but very fun spectacle.

    That thing about PoC not speaking to each other in the MCU, is something that’s true across most popular media, just like with the Bechdel Test. I think I noted that in the movie Bladerunner 2049, that it has multiple women, who impact the plot, and do appear together onscreen, and talk to each other, but they are all adversaries, and in at least two of those cases, the adversarial nature of theire relationships, is pointless. Its the same with the MCU.


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