[Stitch Answers Feedback] How Are You Mad About RaceFail 09 Coverage in 2020?

Just now (like at 9:49PM) I got a comment moderation email from D_Moze’s comment on Why White Supremacy Can No Longer Provide Cover for White Academics by Robin Anne Reid that read:

I was there for Racefail ’09 and every word you say is a filthy lie. Racefail was a couple of grifters and anklebiting anonymous trolls attacking established authors with false accusations of racism, and people like you — people who’ve never contributed a thing but hatred — made bank off of it. Shame on you.

And I since I don’t want to have Robin subject to replying to this nonsense – and I didn’t approve the comment anyway – I decided to take one for the team and reply briefly to this “feedback” so you could see that you were seen… and found frustrating.

D_Moze… In case you missed it, we are in the middle of a pandemic, seeing racist upheaval everywhere, the US still doesn’t have another president called officially, and some of us are poor because of a bunch of those things.

I can’t believe that this is what you decided to do with your time!

You should be embarassed.

But you’re probably not.

What I know you must really be is desperate as hell for something to do with your time. I know your bored ass had to go looking for this post to do your best Karen impression all over it. Robin’s initial post has been on my site since June 2019.

It is NOVEMBER 2020. Do you realize how late you are?

Late as hell to the party and racist as you’re trying to enter it…. God, choose a fucking struggle, my dude.

And I know, you’re wondering: “how can I be racist, I just came to clear the air and repair my good friends’ good name”.

You refer to the Black and brown people who talked about Racefail 09 and who were actively enmeshed with the nonsense as “a couple of grifters and anklebiting anonymous trolls”…

NK Jemisin isn’t a grifter or anonymous.

Neither is Maurice Broaddus.

K. Tempest Bradford isn’t either. (She really isn’t!)

And while I can’t speak for Robin – who is a brilliant Tolkien scholar and someone I am honored to know and learn from – I do know collectively that we’ve done more with our lives and our time than you ever will. and that that’s why you’re such a whiny baby in my blog comments… You know you’re nothing.

Sucks to suck (I guess… as I do not suck and just had an article come out in Teen Vogue), but you can’t go around trying to make that our problem. That’s very rude of you.

Just because you chose to only see and listen to racists about the people they were racist towards, that doesn’t mean you’re right.

It means that you’ve let your desire to be a weird bored racist drive you to leaving a rude ass comment on my site and I mean… how’s that actually going for you right now? Did you get the gratification you wanted? Do you feel like you’ve cowed me sufficiently?

You can literally look at the VERY LENGHTY Racefail 09 Fanlore page and do the homework via the Wayback Machine to look at the conversations when they happened. I am not going to do your homework for you. Since you were there and you seem to think you’re The Ultimate Archivist, you should have all this stuff saved.

Shame on you, D_Moze.

Shame on you for thinking that I would want to read your screechy and incorrect comment on a year old post. Shame on you for thinking I wouldn’t have moderated comments on my site. Shame on you for giving me something fun to do on a Friday night (roasting you!) when i could’ve gone to sleep early!

As always, feedback from racist moomoos is not wanted or necessary and you can go be a bored pain in the ass moaning and lying about documented fandom history somewhere else. Maybe your own blog, perhaps?

Either way, go away!


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