Thread Collection: FFA Racism Instance (7/22/20)

Originally a thread on Twitter. Collecting threads to make things more accessible since I essay there too for folks off of twitter.

Oh sorry not gone because guess what, people keep lying on me (and Rukmini) in this whole AO3 thing amd like I actually state clearly what I’m about but these smooth brained racist mother fuckers turn off their reading abilities when they see me referenced (

(Aside from the fact that even if the OTW reached out to ask me if I could come on as a consultant, I wouldn’t do it because

a) full time job where I’m valued and

b) I’m not willing to fling myself into THAT racist fire, the anger at the idea that people could pay me for anti racism training is one that is actually been going on as long as I’ve had a patreon.

Nevermind, again, that 90% of my content on racism in fandom is free and either here or on my site. Or that the people who hate me won’t read it anyway. I’m apparently the only person in fandom who cannot charge for my work in fandom – which I’m already NOT ACTUALLY DOING.)

Anyway: I wonder how many of those racist little worms still have blm in their Twitter bios? (That link is a fail fandom anon mobile version which means that anons can and will say all kinds of nasty shit they want about fans of color like me, Holly, and Rukmini even as they pretend they care about anti racism in fandom. Tagging won’t solve this shit either. Like these people don’t know me and they apparently can’t read and yet… Here they are.)

How can fandom change and become actively anti racist when racist spaces like fail fandom anon exist? When people are allowed to lie on and slander fans of color who want fandom to be better for everyone… and when we can’t defend ourselves and our friends from it? And I’m willing to bet that none of those people think they’re racist. They probably bought White Fragility, would’ve voted for Obama a third time, and really liked Get Out…

But that thread I linked is full of people actively lying on me, Holly, and Rukmini and no one stops em

Frankly, my desire to be there for other people seeing and experiencing this racist bullshit is what’s keeping me here in these toxic and racist spaces. Because as relentless as I am, the racists in fandom and the folks devoted to it… even more relentless apparently 🤷🏽‍♀️

“Stitch is lying about fandom being really racist,” say white people on their anonymous social media profiles or a hate filled fandom meme where they have folks spending time shitting on me and other fans of color who talk about race. “She’s just making up how much we hate her.”

What pisses them off more, I wonder:

– that I’m right about how racist fandom is
– that non-black people in fandom see value in my writing on racism in fandom
– that I won’t just crawl off somewhere to expire
– that I usually come with receipts to prove the racist nonsense


Digging up my old hashtag to make a point: #WhatFandomRacismLooksLike?

People banding together to spread racist lies about fans of color bcuz they’re more attached to their right to racist fanworks than they are to the fans of color that are drained from dealing with them.


Also the idea that I’m so wrong about what racist fanworks look like because I’m oh so biased and trying to control fandom/remake it in my image is wild because

A) I’m not
B) so many other fans of color, especially Black fans have said the same things

(I’m not the only person pointing out the way racism is on display in fanworks or anything close to the first. I’m just currently one of the loudest and a really easy public target because Black people are always the acceptable targets in fandom and outside of it.)