August Post Plans!

Let’s keep this short and simple because we’re already three days into August:

Hurricane season is going to amp up from here on in so everything here getting done hinges on there NOT being a major hurricane disrupting my life across August. (It also hinges on me not having to address racism from folks in fandom but since some weirdo’s already got me in their sights over it… I figure we’re off to a shit start there… So I’ll have to work around my rage.)

Here are my goals for the month in terms of content! There’s one secret thing I want to do for social media, BUT I can only do it if I get access to my Twitter data and so… we’ll see if I get to do that this month.


  • K-Pop Fandom Racism Bingo – what it says on the tin…
  • Good Girl review – possibly on YouTube, but we’ll see how it works out
  • Stitch Talks Ish Episode #7 – Where Stitch Gets Nostalgic (featuring Smallville)
  • Mini Stitch Talks Ish Bonus Episode – Covering BTS’ new Japanese releases and their Dynamite single (after Aug 21st)
  • Book reviews (hopefully)
  • Latest public installment of The Hollows reread
  • Post the ATEEZ video to my blog
  • Fandom Racism 101: Feeling Fragile
  • #StitchProcesses Project – Either “Aching For Authenticity” or “Video Vixens, Mommae, and Male Rappers’ Misogyny”


  • All Patrons, Probably: 2 30 min streams (the 8th and the 29th at 8PM) and, if I can swing Crowdcast as it’s not super cheap… a public domain movie night or some music video marathoning
  • WIP Post ($1+ Tiers) – Urban Fantasy 101: Not Your Magical Negro
  • Audio Backlog ($1+ Tiers) – Grayson Anti Fandom post from AGES ago
  • Photo (+) Essay ($1+ Tiers) – What Do You Stan(d) For? – On antiblackness in stan twitter fandoms
  • Finished Draft ($3+ Tiers) – “What Fandom Racism Looks Like: White Fragility in Fandom” OR the next part of The Hollows Dead Witch Walking reread
  • Not Exclusive Audio ($3+ Tiers) – Cruelty Is The Point – on how those little “accidental” experiences making fandom unwelcome, like George RR Martin mispronouncing FIYAH at WorldCon and the names of BIPOC finalist or how fandom is so hostile to BIPOC that we just… leave, aren’t so accidental and the end result is what they’re aiming for
  • Exclusive Audio ($5+ Tiers) -On A Game of Racist Telephone
  • Poetry ($5+ Tiers) – Diss Track Distress or East of Eden
  • Hire The Stitch ($10 Tier) – Like it says on the label!

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