Surprisingly, Transformative Fandom Sucks At Research AND Reading Comprehension

In case you thought that the chaos and stress caused by the two million (and counting!) COVID-19 cases worldwide would be enough to stop the Rey/Kylo contingent from being on John Boyega’s case and up his ass over their ship-

You thought wrong.

A few days ago at some point during the last weekend of April, a screenshot started circulating showing where John Boyega responded to an Instagram comment once again bugging him about his video where he (mildly) dunked on the very rude and largely inappropriate comments he received from Rey/Kylo shippers on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

In the comment, John said:

I don’t ship ANYTHING LOL I am 28! Any Reylo whatever you call them tweets that are in this video was selected not because of what they ship! Because of them being rude. That’s it. I don’t care about ships people. Let’s be real here lol I did when I was 12 though.

And predictably all of the grown ass adults who pride themselves on being able to read really well and analyze the hell out of text… suddenly glitched their way into getting something absolutely different from John’s comment.

Let me just remind y’all that the video John made was full of comments that real Rey/Kylo shippers – and a few catfishes from that fandom, let’s be real here – sent his way because of two things:

  1. John made a comment about Finn and Rey having sex in the distant future, saying that “It’s not about who she kisses but who eventually lays the pipe.”
  2. John’s response to Rey/Kylo shippers coming at him over that was to roast their ship until it was as well done as Anakin back on Mustafar

The comment John made initially was from December 31st. So was his roast of Rey/Kylo as a ship.

His video was from January 10th.

So why the hell are we hearing about anything related to any of those things in April/May?

Because Rey/Kylo shippers are still on his ass about it and transformative fandom as whole really sucks at both reading comprehension and research.

As someone who’s been in the Star Wars fandom for years seeing and documenting all the nonsense that Rey/Kylo fans specifically aimed at John Boyega directly, it’s hard to see the pearl-clutching “John wants women to know their place and thinks fandom has an age limit attached” as anything other than what the last blow-up was:

A performance put on to trigger people’s Protect White Women Urges in transformative fandom.

And once again, transformative fandom takes the bait.

Once again, folks on Twitter (and probably on Tumblr too) rush to wring their soft little hands about how much Some Men – but they mean John Boyega, they just won’t actually write his name out – think that women should just have respectable hobbies and not care about fictional characters because they should have kids.

But –

That’s not what John said.

That’s not even remotely what he meant.

And people would get that if they used even an ounce of common sense in their heads. If they read John’s comment and put it in its context that once again – whether this was from last week or back in January when he’d originally posted the video – John was pushing back against people who are trying to make their ship, his problem.

No shit John probably views shipping as immature. Not only does he have grown ass adults up his ass about a ship between two fictional characters after four fucking months – those same adults keep lying about their own fandom demographics to say “most Rey/Kylo shippers are teenagers”.

But like… when it suits them, of course.

Anyway –

Once again, folks who live in transformative fandom don’t even bother to look for an explanation or a source for themselves. Once again, folks who pride themselves on knowing everything and analyazing a text perfectly –


Suddenly y’all can’t figure out where to begin researching why women in the Star Wars fandom have once again returned to misrepresenting John Boyega as a misogynist specifically because he doesn’t give a shit about their thing.

Once again, y’all just… take the original posters’ word for it and retweet their sad simpering threads about how wrong it is that Some Men think that 28 is a cut-off age for fandom. Y’all just… refuse to even question why so many women with Kylo and/or Rey icons are suddenly all talking about ageism and misogyny in such vague terms.

And once again, even when y’all realize that these women subtweeting John Boyega when writing long threads about how Not Letting Women Like What They Like (Even Though Said Women Are Actively Harassing People Over The Ships They Like), y’all… don’t even push back too hard against the issue?

Y’all don’t delete your own threads. You don’t say shit to the original poster. You don’t correct your friends. You don’t apologize for once again falling for fandom’s bullshit and being one of a crowd of hundreds – or even thousands – that have joined in on demonizing John Boyega for… something he actually didn’t say about a fandom that’s been harassing him for years.

You just… let folks make their conveniently vague tweets about John and about fandom that manage to never include that he’s talking about a fandom that has been harassing him and talking shit about him for a month straight.

Some fucking allyship that is.


I am tired of this.

I am tired of y’all never clocking or checking the racism from Rey/Kylo fandom. I’m tired of y’all missing the blatant – and it is truly obvious, y’all… I do not know how you folks keep missing it – racism from those fans. I am tired of y’all supporting and never shutting down folks who are actively misrepresenting John on a regular basis.

Newsflash: You’re not oppressed because John Boyega said the last time he cared about shipping, he was twelve.

You’re not oppressed because he thinks that shipping (with the intensity and obsessiveness that he’s seen shippers react with, obviously) seems like something a 28 year old wouldn’t be interested in…

And y’all know damn well that he doesn’t mean ~in general~ and that he wasn’t actually shaming women for being interested in fictional relationships. Take that kneejerk, woe-is-me-a-woman reaction and shove it somewhere.

Because this ain’t it.

Note that I, almost thirty and invested in shipping a reasonable amount, am not offended by his comments but even if I was somehow offended by a celebrity on the internet not giving a shit about something I liked, I certainly would be capable of discussing them without taking him out of his context.

Anyone that doesn’t have a clump of earthworms where their brain should be or antiblackness as their default setting probably gets that he’s clapping back at a segment of fandom that has tried to make his life hell across the years.

The behavior of the shippers he’s engaged with across the past four or five years has largely been awful – especially the Rey/Kylo shippers up his ass for four months straight and saying all kinds of truly vile things about him.

And if you don’t know –

Why don’t y’all know?

Why don’t y’all ever know that John Boyega is constantly being slandered by this fandom that’s still mad he won’t play ball with them anymore?

Why don’t y’all ever know that transformative fandom is purposefully and constantly antiblack towards actors like him and fans like me?

Why don’t y’all have enough sense to clock that it’s always Rey/Kylo shippers showing up to shit on John in coded but far from subtle language?

How do y’all not know the obvious antiblack vendetta these fans have against John and how they’ve been taking his words out of context and misrepresenting them specifically to say he’s a misogynist since December 10th?

Why  can’t y’all ever figure out that when white women in fandom in droves – especially those with icons related to Star Wars start making unsourced claims about misogyny and how Some Men are just the worst, that they’re probably trying to continue the shit their fandom started with John Boyega?

Why do y’all always fall for this shit? It has only been four months since the last time, you ridiculous weenies!

And hell:

Why don’t y’all ever know something useful when it comes to racism in fandom?

Because this is exhausting and embarrassing watching y’all constantly fumble the bag in your quest to make White Womanhood the ultimate victim orientation in transformative fandom… despite how much power y’all have in these spaces.

My god.


3 thoughts on “Surprisingly, Transformative Fandom Sucks At Research AND Reading Comprehension

  1. Black fandom is getting very, very, tired of white fandoms complete and utter batshittery!!! I know John must be tired of their shit! (Although he seems to be amused by the ridiculousness of what they’re doing).
    This shit needs to f*cking stop, though. Theyre accomplishing nothing at all, and that’s assuming they’re trying to accomplish anything, other than disguising their racial resentment against everyday black people, by projecting it onto John.

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