Stitch Talks Monsta X’s #AllAboutLuv

If you’re not on Twitter or don’t/can’t follow my main account, here’s what I’ve been up to since Friday… a twitter thread review of Monsta X’s new English CD All About Luv that I’ve turned into a blog post because I worked REALLY hard on it.

The first track on @OfficialMonstaX‘s English album #AllAboutLuv is Who Do U Love featuring my nemesis, French Montana

His part aside, this song is one of my favorites off the album. It feels like a callback to Jealousy and like… That song is my SHIT.


Pros: I love the pre-chorus more than anything & it really is Jealousy 2.0

Cons: French Montana as a whole ass person but also his verse is mmm… meh.

Rating: 4/5 ❤️

Are @OfficialMonstaX singing about how they can’t say the word “fuck” on the radio or about how the US radio market refuses to play songs in Korean for the most part? Who knows!

What meaning do you take from LOVE U, the second song on #AllAboutLuv?

Pros: I am incredibly here for the hornt interpretation of this song.

Cons: Let @OfficialMonstaX say “fuck”!!

Rating: 4.9/5 ❤️ (a single “fuck” would’ve made this 5 ❤️s because I am easy to please)

HAPPY WITHOUT ME is @OfficialMonstaX‘s Hotline Bling. Trust me on that one.

I think this song is honestly hilarious, but that’s because I’m excellent at breakups!

Pros: I do like songs by/about sad petty boys who are honest about how they’re Going Through it and @OfficialMonstaX definitely comes through with that here

Cons: for real, it’s majorly Hotline Bling-y and it could use some chill

Rating: 3/5 ❤️

GOT MY NUMBER is seriously shameless while also being super sweet.

As a queer fan, it is immensely gratifying to hear @OfficialMonstaX tell us “everybody wants what they want, love who they love” on a day that’s #AllAboutLuv


Pros: there are some great harmonies in this song and I always appreciate that good shit

Cons: no one in @OfficialMonstaX actually has my number and I don’t have theirs 😭

Rating: 4.5/5 ❤️ (lost .5❤️ because the marketing number left me on read)

I had to go to YouTube because I needed a still from the MV for @OfficialMonstaX‘s SOMEONE’S SOMEONE. A Wonho still. Because I miss his presence.

This song is tender and it always leaves me feeling soft inside.

Pros: super catchy and I love Wonho’s voice in this song

Cons: no cons here

Rating: 5/5 ❤️

I’m here to make some noise for MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT – a song about our @OfficialMonstaX boys remembering the good times with a partner & pledging to stay… before they inevitably part ways with their love once more

This binch is… bittersweet.

#AllAboutLuvOutNow #AllAboutLuv

Pros: the music video

Cons: #MissingWonhoHours (this was the first MV without my BOY in the video – although his voice is clear along the track).

Rating: 4.7.5/5 ❤️ (look… i cried the first time i heard this song and it’s hard to sing while snotty so…)

I’ll pick this review thread up later today/tonight but in the meanwhile, I’m still feeling the luv with my copy of #AllAboutLuv from @OfficialMonstaX!

I love pining in all its forms and @OfficialMonstaX‘s SHE’S THE ONE is the perfect song for when you’re stuck on someone and can’t make yourself tell them.

Also, it’s a strong contender for a solid karaoke song!

Pros: again, pining is so delicious to me because it’s a torture of our own design

Cons: “she probably doesn’t even know this song’s about her”… then tell her?

Rating: 6/5 ♥️(a 1 ♥️ bonus for pining because I am WEAK)

@OfficialMonstaX‘s YOU CAN’T HOLD MY HEART has such an eighties vibe to it for me. It’s also kind of sad? Unless I’m reading it wrong, this is definitely about a relationship breaking down and folks falling out of love. Weh.

Pros: the chorus is incredible & I love singing along

Cons: this song is another bittersweet binch

Rating: 4.5 ♥️ (half a heart removed until I can get a time machine to put it in a neon 80s film at a crucial end-of-a-romance scene)

Normally, “we’re good together because we’re bad together” type songs don’t hit me hard, but @OfficialMonstaX‘s MISBEHAVE is uh… extremely my thing. This song should’ve been the one they had on Riverdale, just so y’all know.

Pros: Jooheon singing “we drunken swimming naked in the hotel pool”

Cons: the relationship in this song is potentially kind of unhealthy

Rating: 5/5 ♥️ (because it’s definitely my kind of hornt @OfficialMonstaX track and I’m pleased)

@Pitbull & @OfficialMonstaX is a collaboration that I didn’t know I needed until the teaser for BESIDE U dropped & I went #Feral. Some MX songs are subtle in their hornt nature but Pitbull ain’t subtle in the least and I uh… appreciate that.

Pros: it’s a sexy song with a Miami vibe that makes you want to grind, @pitbull‘s part is A+ and fits well

Cons: the fact that THIS wasn’t the collab we got a music video for


At this point, I want to actually fight French Montana for his verse on WHO DO U LOVE (just a smidge). Thankfully, @iamwill breathes fresh life into the track for his remix & makes it possible for me to jam to @OfficialMonstaX without shouting!

Pros: i could fuck with this song at carnival actually

Cons: they won’t let me pay them for a version of this song without my nemesis French Montana entirely

Rating: 4.3/5 ♥️ (.3♥️ added because it’s a good remix)

The last track on @OfficialMonstaX‘s ALL ABOUT LUV is a version of BESIDE U (feat @pitbull) with the group’s second rapper IM (one of my favorite dimpled rappers in the game) rapping on the track. Believe me, I went… extra feral for this.

Pros: I like IM trying new things as a rapper and getting to rap on their English releases (which I needed more of), the lowkey fuckboy vibes for IM’s (hornt) parts are… a delight

Rating: 5/5 ♥️ (I restrained myself)

Thank you for putting up with me reviewing @OfficialMonstaX‘s new English release #AllAboutLuv! I loved everything but the French Montana parts of all of the songs! I think it’s a great album!

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So what’s your favorite song on All About Luv?