Collected Tweets on Racism in Fandom and Certain Sentiments Related to Freedom of Fic(cing) – From 11/24/19

The original thread is here but I have blocked tons of people to maintain my boundaries so I have copied the tweets over here for ease of access for people who still want to see the tweets but can’t because I’ve blocked them for whatever reason.

Like I absolutely get the sentiment behind “all fanfiction is okay” but I also have seen many antiblack stories across my lifetime in fandom where black characters are abused/objectified/enslaved/torn down usually by/for white characters-

And those stories AREN’T okay, friends. Like the sentiment “all fanfiction is okay” (like it’s fine, don’t worry about it, women are making it so let them have their fun) is one of those Lil Fandom Things that makes me wonder…

Do people realize that they’re leaving out a lot of people in those sentiments?

Because “all fanfiction is okay” really doesn’t feel like it applies when you’re a Black fan looking on ao3 for good Black Panther stories and a solid 25% of the stuff AT LEAST is explicitly and unquestionably racist in how it handles Wakandans and Wakanda. Or when you’re looking for Finn content in the Sequel Trilogy fandom and even the folks who claim to like him write super gross stories that reduce him to a BBC or a mule for Rey/Rose/Poe’s burdens.

Like… Those sentiments don’t apply across fandom and leave us out.

(Because if “all fanfiction is okay” and “fandom is supposed to be fun” but you keep coming across racist fan fiction that no one is willing to call racist and then you’re not having fun…

What can you feel? What do you feel?)

An author doing a 10+ tweet thread dismissing responsibility of any kind by fan creators: just ignore stories with tags you don’t like.

Me, a Black fan with common sense: Like the racism folks definitely aren’t tagging their stories with because they don’t see it? Okay.

(And what usually happens is that the folks who make the threads I subtweet will later be like “I wasn’t talking about racism/of course I don’t include racist fanworks in this”

Of course you weren’t talking about racism. You never are. Which is why I am. As usual.

But also:

You can’t claim that unless you say that you’re not including racist (or other bigoted) fanworks in your original “all fanfiction is okay”/”no one should have shame for what they write in fandom” tweet

But you can’t because then it becomes clear that well

Your statement is actually false from the front and that there’s content that makes fanfiction Not Okay because it hurts and dehumanized people for who they are and what’s happened to them/their people. 🤷🏾‍♀️

(also while I’m here: the whole “your kink is not my kink (and that’s okay)” POV in fandom tends to ignore that desire isn’t built in a vacuum and some desires are built on bigotry and all of it is built on the baggage we bring into fandom.)