A Very Special Unboxing

In super awesome and (probably super surprising) news, I’ve got a gosh-darned BOOK coming out in a MONTH!

Judge Anderson: Flytrap, my second novella and my first work published in a standalone book with my name on the cover, is coming out from 2000 AD in August.

This is a story that was incredibly fun to write and that gave me a chance to flex my writing muscles. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to write in Anderson’s world and I don’t know that I can ever convey how much this opportunity means to me.

If you want to preorder this fantastic (if I may toot my own horn a bit) novella, preorders are open here at the 2000 AD online store and there are just 200 physical copies available!

Judge Anderson: Flytrap

Two hundred floors up on Wormwood Block, in one of the poorer corners of Mega-City One, a cit turns on her neighbours, biting and raging. Just another futsie, in a city filled with everyday tragedy.

Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson and her new partner take the call. It should be an open-and-shut case, until she tries to read the poor futsie’s mind and finds… nothing.

Somewhere in Wormwood is a predator, setting a trap for people like Cass. Hell of a way to finish her second year on the streets…

Thanks for watching and thanks for (hopefully) reading!

Note: the video Absolutely freezes and then skips a bit partway through – no fault of the terrific teen helping me by holding the camera at all – all issues across the board are my own!


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