Stitch Does Stuff in July

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I love Day Job.

I love being able to get up, come into work, and put together ads or blow through edits on a batch of articles for one of our clients. I love having the chance to use my English MA Editing Skills (TM) to make our marketing department a better one.

What I don’t love is not having time to write.

Sure, I make time as often as I can – if you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably seen my handwritten notes for my upcoming What Fandom Racism Looks Like series – but it’s not enough.

But I’m going to make it be enough… Somehow.

Last month was my second month at Day Job and I sort of managed to write more, do more, and be more. I introduced some new concepts to the job and I got to work on projects for the company that dovetailed neatly with things I enjoy doing for my website/personal life. I only have two things to catch up with for July which is pretty good considering how much I had last month…

I also… am about to be like… super duper published? My first novella that’s not in an anthology – work for hire in the overarching and expansive Judge Dredd universe – will be coming out sometime this year. Sometime soon this year. I have one more thing to finish doing personally for this novella and I’m going to get it done this week so that I can be 100% about it! I’ll share more details asap

But like

Y’all, I’m about to be published in a way I haven’t experienced before.


Now onto the good (better?) stuff.

Here’s what’s on the menu for July 2019!


Book Reviews

  • The Dark Fantastic
  • A Prince On Paper (June Catch-Up)

What Fandom Racism Looks Like

Antiblackness in the K-Pop Industry and its Fandom Spaces (An Essay Series): Introduction

This is going to be one hell of a journey, but in the end, I hope that we’ll all be able to talk and understand more about what antiblackness looks like across a fandom so massive that it has the opportunity to literally change the world.

James Olsen is Pete Ross 2.0

Pete Ross wasn’t the first Black male character to be mistreated by a white fandom and as we can see with James Olsen, the disgusting way folks in fandom treat Black male characters is just going to continue.

Journey into Dating(ish) Sims Ft. BTS World

I’m a huge fan of dating sims and mobile apps and anything that lets me procrastinate really hard when I’m supposed to be doing… anything else. So how does BTS World match up with my experiences?

Lady Loving Rec List

This one’s for @interludehobi on Twitter. I promised a lady-loving rec list last month and now, I’m going to deliver.

Series Squee: Grayson

It’s been ages since the first Series Squee and I think it’s time I returned to one of my favorite comic series to do some squeeing!

Ships & Shit: Team Kill Dracula

If you finished Castlevania on Netflix hoping for polyamorous shenanigans despite the fact that we never get that good polyam ish… this is the post for you.

Sorting Shifters (Catch Up From June)

I’m just about done with this one, but couldn’t quite finish it by the end of the month.



What Fandom Racism Looks Like

Furious Foregrounding (Snippet/Draft), Black Sound… Not For Black Fans? (Snippet/Maybe Draft), and Weaponized White Womanhood (Snippet/Maybe Draft)

Urban Fantasy 101: Witchcraft and Wizardry ($3 Tier)

Great Big Anita Blake Reread

Cerulean Sins (Snippet/Draft)

Untitled Summer Project on Queer Rep in The Series (snippet)

Video Log (All Patrons)

Ask an English MA ($10 Tier)

Ships ‘n Shit: Clark/Lex from Smallville

This month’s main catch up is last month’s audience participation essay so… no audience participation poll this month! I’m sorry!

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I hope y’all are as excited about July as I am!

Thanks for sticking with me on another month of Being Stitch and Aiming For Deadlines!


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