Stitch Does Stuff In June 2019

Stitch does stuff in june 2019

I actually finished most of my catch up events in May!

I did that while struggling to find a work-life balance.

Yes, I still have my job. It’s been a hard month and I’m definitely not sleeping or eating enough, but I’m still employed. I’ve still got two more months of probation to go before I can feel confident in my long-term (ish) career goals so I’m honestly going to be SUPER ANXIOUS about things until then.

But I enjoy my job, I like my bosses (no lie, I’m not kissing ass in case they find my site), and marketing has always been a career path I was curious about. I’m looking forward to devoting a reasonable amount of time to this job and having it lead to a career that I can be secure in!

My main goals for June involve developing a work-life-writing balance, responding in a timely fashion to emails for work and not for work, and figure out my hustle. I also want to figure out time management and work with friends to keep ourselves accountable as we work on our own projects!

I’m feeling pretty jazzed about this!

So let’s look at what June will bring us!

What I’m Into In June

Books: Stephanie Ahn’s Bloodbath, Abigail Barnette’s The Boyfriend, Dal Yong Jin’s New Korean Wave, Nalini Singh’s Wolf Rain, and Kim Suk-Young’s K-Pop Live: Fans, Idols, and Multimedia Performance

Music: BTS’s Map of the Soul: Persona, this playlist of Korean Rappers, Dolly Parton’s Jolene, the soundtrack for Hamilton

Shows: Absolute Boyfriend, Love O2O (again)

Movies: Aquaman, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse,

Food: chicken rice, Publix subs, salmon


What Fandom Racism Looks Like:  The Problem With Preferences

Finn, Reskinned – a mini-essay and attached image

Urban Fantasy 101: A Guide to the Freaking Fae Folk

Fleeting Frustrations #7: Fannish Foremothers

Anita Blake Reread:

  • Sorting out Shifters
  • Narcissus in Chains

PCA 2019 – Racism in Fan Studies and Fandom Roundtable

  • Robin’s Wrap-Up
  • My Wrap-Up


  • Stephanie Ahn’s Bloodbath
  • Alyssa Cole’s A Prince on Paper


What Fandom Racism Looks Like: When A Genre Copying Black People Somehow Isn’t For Black Fans – S1/$3 Tiers depending on how much gets finished

  • Introduction
  • Foregrounding
  • Black Sound… Not For Black Fans?
  • “Path To Hip Hop”

Audio Posts @ the $3 Tier

  • Statistics and Ships
  • Talking Tropes #2

Video Log – All Patrons

Photo & Essay: Survivor Status/Talking Trauma – $1 Tier

Audience Participation: June @ the $5/10 Tiers

Nakia Was Right

Nakia’s politics and praxis in Black Panther are amongst the most outright and honestly progressive politics in the MCU. So why it is that Killmonger’s reactionary approach – that would do more harm than good – is the one that the fandom has leaned into?

‘Don’t Like, Don’t Read’? Don’t Try Me

“Don’t Like, Don’t Read” is a mantra of folks that can’t handle the slightest criticism direct towards the things that they personally like – be they a film, novel or trope in fandom. At the same time however, they a)don’t stop engaging with criticism they disagree with and b) refuse to engage with/respect marginalized people who are critical of problematic content that is popular but fucked up in how it portrays a marginalized or otherwise vulnerable group.

Erased By Urban Fantasy

I’m still not over how the urban fantasy genre essentially gentrifies the idea of the “urban”. Let’s scream about it.

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I’m excited to see what June brings!

Thanks for joining my journey for another month!


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