Stitch Recs Romance Novel Series

Stitch Recs Romance Series

A week late, I’ve come to gift y’all with a list of five of my favorite romance/erotic romance series.

I hope they bring you as much enjoyment as they’ve brought me!

Happy (A Week After) Valentine’s Day!


Series TitleThe Boss
Author: Jenny Trout (writing as Abigail Barnette)
My Favorite Book In The Series: The Sister

What I Like About It: It’s such a deliciously messy series and the sex scenes are scorching hot!

This is an erotic romance series with a big age gap between the main love interests (Neil is older than Sophie’s mom while she’s in her early(?) 20s at the start of the series) and the series handles it so freaking well.

Trust me, I know problematic age gaps in fiction and Jenny did a fantastic job of navigating this relationship and making it relatable/understandable.

I literally talked it up in every single grad school course I took because I thought it was such a great example of one of my favorite things in the world: spite writing in response to a super problematic series and making something better as a result.

(I haven’t read the most recent book – The Boyfriend – yet because I am poor, BUT I can confidently recommend the rest of the series as one I enjoy for a bunch of reasons including how weirdly self aware it is…)

book cover - one ghosted twice shy by alyssa cole

Series Title: The Reluctant Royals
Author: Alyssa Cole
My Favorite Book In The Series: Once Ghosted, Twice Shy

What I Like About It: This is a contemporary romance series primarily centering Black women who find, not just love, but their own path to their future and freedom outside of that.

I love romance novels with relatable characters and there’s something relatable about every single one of the heroines in Cole’s series. This is a series about folks with hidden ties to royalty, secrets, and an overwhelming devotion to their respective families.

Honestly, I see this as another “must read” series and I recommend to everyone who reads romance (and a few that don’t) because there’s really nothing like being seen in a romance novel and wow does Alyssa provide that feeling on pretty much every level across this series.

Sated cover

Series Title: Fit trilogy
Author: Rebekah Weatherspoon
My Favorite Book In The Series: Sated

What I Like About It: A lot of my favorite romance series are favorites because of how seen I feel at the end of reading them. Sated was my introduction to Rebekah Weatherspoon and her Fit trilogy back in 2015 and I’ve stanned her since then.

I loved the whole series for its diverse cast, super steamy sex scenes, and accessible approach to BDSM but Sated remains my favorite book in the series. Sated was one of my first times reading that kind of erotic romance with a Black girl as the main character – one where her love interest  (Daniel Song) was Korean.

The fact that hey both got to be nerdy and sexy? Blew my mind so hard I, again, insta-stanned Rebekah.


Series Title: Beyond series
Author: Kit Rocha
My Favorite Book In The Series: Beyond Solitude

What I Like About It: This massive series is pretty much my favorite comfort read when it comes to romance – which is probably a bit weird to y’all because it’s erotic romance set in a post-apocalyptic world, but trust me: this series is amazing.

This is a series about fucking in all kinds of fantastic ways but it’s also… mainly a queer found family narrative about agency, identity, and sexuality on top of revolution against a corrupt government investing in punishing people for being people and controlling the strangling status quo.

What the fuck, y’all… Not only does this series perfectly balance porn and a deeply plotty plot, it’s also just the start of what this darling writing team have in store for us for this universe.

There are more books, y’all and they’re full of queer  (and/or…) brown people too!

dark wild night cover

Series Title: Wild Seasons
Author: Christina Lauren
My Favorite Book In The Series: Dark Wild Night

What I Like About It: I think this was my second attempt at a Christina Lauren book (unfortunately, Beautiful Bastard missed me in a major way) and I was so glad that the series clicked uh… immediately.

One thing I really like about Christina Lauren books is that you can see their fandom influences in the tropes the put into their works as well as the character types they focus on.  I’m a sucker for accidental marriages, fake relationships, and tons of misunderstandings and boy do the writers behind these book deliver some quality well… all of that.

Oh, and the sex scenes are smoking. I mean… wow.

(My one quibble with the series is that most if not all of the main characters are white and straight. Which you know… isn’t my favorite thing in the slightest.)

So, what are some of your favorite romance/erotic romance series! I want to read all of them!