Quick Rec: Horror Noire on Shudder

If you’ve got an hour and a half to spare and an interest in learning about the role of Black people in front of and behind the camera when it comes to the horror genre, check out this brilliant documentary on Shudder’s streaming platform asap!

(Also, I need the book that this was inspired by asap. I’m putting it on my wishlist because it’s so amazing!)



3 thoughts on “Quick Rec: Horror Noire on Shudder

  1. I just signed up for Shudder last year so I could watch Seoul Station, and Ive been hearing a lot about this., I’m def gonna check this out today!

    oh, do you have Netflix, and watch zombie movies? Then please check out Kingdom, a Korean zombie series on Netflix, mad by the same guy who created Train to Busan. I can’t rec it enough…


    • I hope you like Horror Noire (and like we must talk about it, somehow, okay?)

      I currently can’t afford Netflix because I’m super freaking poor, but Kingdom is on my “To-Watch” list once I get it. Normally, I’m terrified of zombies beyond what’s rational (you don’t want to know my plan for the zombie apocalypse… It’s not great), but everyone I know has liked it and I am prepared to watch while hiding behind something!

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      • Yeah, you may have to do just that. I’m used to zombie movies and the tension really got to me. The Korean zombie movies are very very effective in ways the American movies are not. I suspect its becasue there are no guns in those movies.


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