#flashbackfriday: Black Panther Fandom Racism Bingo

Originally posted back in March 2018 after realizing that the MCU fandom never actually stopped its anti-black nonsense. Best way to play? Spend some time scrolling through the unfiltered Black Panther tags on AO3 with a drink in your hand and drink every time you land on something in one of the squares. Repeat drinking is encouraged. (The original, archived inspiration.)


I’m back with another “fandom racism” card, this one more explicitly for the Black Panther fandom. I think this one can be used for scrolling through tumblr tags or AO3 as a drinking game, but I like my liver a bit too much to play it and see how it goes.

If you can’t read the bingo squares, here’s what they say (though the order may not match) and some handy links to explanations:

If you don’t get what a square means, please nudge me for clarification!


2 thoughts on “#flashbackfriday: Black Panther Fandom Racism Bingo

  1. I remember reading this and thinking don’t play this as a drinking game cause you’ll die of alcohol poisoning.


    • I’m thinking it MIGHT be better now because the ickiest people probably aren’t updating their stories/have move on to another series that they can do all of that nonsense in so perhaps playing this as a drinking game won’t be immediately fatal?

      One day, when I get a place of my own or where I’m living with my mom isn’t so tiny, I’ll have to try it and stream it to see how it goes. (But with watered down drinks for sure.)


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