Stitch Does Stuff in November

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This month, I’ll be doing a ton of writing.

Not only am I continuing to play catch up on a deadline I’m still chugging past (I’ve got 2.5 chapters on my outline left to actually finish), but I’m also doing NaNoWriMo  (at my own, slightly smaller goal of 30k words) and I’m doing K. Tempest Bradford’s course with daily writing exercises for NaNoWriMo (thanks to the magic of scholarships).

So I’m busy as hell and writing every day for  like… hours.

It’s scary, but I’ve got goals to hit and content to produce.

On top of that, I’ll also be doing my regular blog and patreon posts (on a smaller, more responsible scale to take all the other writing I’m doing into account).

So here’s what’s coming up this month!


What Fandom Racism Looks Like: #NotAllFans

The final draft of the piece I’d originally written and posted on Patreon. Now with additional solutions for what to do instead of derailing criticism and commentary with that “not all x fans” nonsense.

My Comic Book Girlfriend Has To Be A Redhead

The video I recorded narrating my PCA 2017 paper/presentation once I got back to Miami with some of my citations and references. (It should’ve been on my website over a year ago, but I kept forgetting.)

Viper vs the Major Mansplainer

A Comet City story originally posted on Patreon

The latest installment of the Great Big Anita Blake Reread

Because yeah… I’m actually not done with this series and I need an outlet for my creative frustrations with it.

A mini essay about Finn in Star Wars and his terrible fandom

Book Reviews:

  • Archangel’s Prophecy by Nalini Singh
  • Thrall by Avon Gale and Roan Parish

Fleeting Frustrations #3 – Mircea Basarab (from Karen Chance’s urban fantasy series)


Stitch Likes Villains: Thrawn

A mini-essay about how I like Thrawn as a villain despite himself.

Audience Participation: November

This month’s options for folks at the $5 and $10 tiers to pick from are:

Personal Responsibility in Fandom/With Fanworks

This piece, an essay about what personal responsibility in fandom should look like and why claiming that “fiction/fandom don’t impact reality” is a stinking pile of dismissive bullshit that needs to be composted quickly. We all create, read, and like problematic content as fans and there’s definitely a way to be responsible that doesn’t keep you from that content.

Monstrous People of Color in SFF Media

Inspired, honestly, by Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake in Venom and fleshed out by tons of scenes (in text and video) of monstrous people of color in recent sci-fi, superhero, and fantasy media, this essay would look at these monstrous characters of color and what monstrosity can mean – in positive and negative ways – when we think of representation and people of color. What does monstrosity mean and why are people of color often the kind of monsters that viewers can’t bring themselves to empathize with.

List of Loises: Five of my Favorite Portrayals of Lois Lane

It’s pretty straightforward: this is where I go deep into my Lois Lane love and talk about some of my favorite actresses to play the role. If you’ve ever wanted my opinion on Lois Lane, this is the post you should vote for! 

Ships ‘n Shit: #1

This is actually a surprise, but I promise it will be pleasant!

Book Bae: Peter Grant

If you’ve ever wanted to see me get hella thirsty over a fictional character, now’s your chance. In this initial installment of what I hope will be a long running and ridiculous series, I talk about the protagonist from Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series and my (queer) readings of the character alongside why he’d be one of the best book boyfriends out there.

Unexpected audioposts

Sans transcripts for now, unfortunately. These are just posts where I talk about a topic, drop knowledge on y’all as I gain it. The first one, going up later tonight, is about my first thoughts on Constance Penley’s 1997 book Star/Trek. More will follow.

I’m also aiming to finish the script for my next episode of Talking Tropes and to get the episode recorded over Thanksgiving when I’ll be visiting a friend and staying in a room of my own (where I’ll have privacy to record a serious piece).

Other stuff may show up and, if y’all express interest, I’ll post some of my Nano work so y’all can see how things are going as the month progresses! For accountability’s sake and all that!


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