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I was supposed to announced the giveaway winner yesterday along with posting the next giveaway but life is happening too fast. I’m basically back to work and stuck balancing a ton of coursework due like…now. Argh.

Once I finish responding to the last two comments on the post, I’ll announce the winner on this one. There is a huge chance that that will be on Friday.

I’m also…  Not doing another giveaway so soon after the first. I love doing giveaways and they’re fun, but they’re also disheartening for me because of reasons. They’re also expensive… I need to pause on the love train until I can do another guilt free giveaway.

ETA (like two weeks later): My giveaway winner is

*cue drumroll*



(Also, my next giveaway will be sooner than I expected because I have movie codes for two much loved films from last year which are the PERFECT things to giveaway because I already own them and can easily get them to my winners! Stay tuned for more awesomeness and thanks for playing!)


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