It’s A DCEU Giveaway, Folks!


So I’m doing another giveaway, this time for fans of Batman vs Superman. One person (in the US) will win big with:

  • A code for the digital HD version of the film
  • A digital copy of the soundtrack (on Amazon or iTunes)
  • A Funko POP figure related to the DCEU (value up to $11)

International bloggers, have no fear because I’m not leaving y’all out either.

One international winner will have a chance to win a digital copy of the Batman vs Superman soundtrack and a digital copy of my favorite comic in the multiverse: Superman: Secret Identity.

The giveaway will last untli the 21st  and the winners will be announced on this post within 48 hours of the end of the giveaway.

Now if you’re entering the giveaway, the following question is for you!  When you comment, use the same email or WordPress username that you do to sign up for the giveaway please and thanks!

If you could be in charge of any film in the DCEU and had all the different characters in the DC multiverse, what film would you make?

(I’m nosy and want to know what heroes you’d choose to incorporate into your potential film and what kind of film you’d make.)

Giveaway for US Folks

Giveaway for International Folks

Clearly, don’t enter both giveaways. If you do, I’m going to disqualify you.


3 thoughts on “It’s A DCEU Giveaway, Folks!

  1. I would make a series of Justice League movies (with Jon Stewart as GL) and Young Justice movies too. Also I’d probably try to find some way to buy the rights to Sailor Moon and fold then into the DCEU too lmao.


  2. I would love to figure out how to make a Teen Titans movie or a Nightwing movie. Cause that would be awesome…except I am afraid of not living up to my own expectations for it. Can I just copy and paste Dick from the comic into a live action movie?


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