Stitch’s Media Mix Turns 1 Year Old + Giveaway

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I started Stitch’s Media Mix in March of 2015 and I’ve been trucking ahead ever since. I started this blog because I wanted to try applying to different websites for writing gigs and needed a more tangible (and professional) source for my writing than my tumblr.

The blog started off as a portfolio, but over the past few months, it’s definitely evolved into something else.

One thing you might’ve noticed about me by now is that I like yelling on the internet. If I wasn’t so busy in grad school, I’d be on the school’s debate team so that I could yell at people in real life. I love the thrill of the argument and of being right and I’m really good at being right.

SMM has been an opportunity for me to get my inner debater an outlet and it’s been fantastic because it’s put me into contact with so many amazing people who feel similarly to me about how fandom and media handle (or mishandle) race, gender, and sexuality.

I have met some wonderful new bloggers thanks to this site and have gotten in contact with people who I really admire (like seriously, I’m never going to get over the fact that the awesome Ben Aaronovitch reads my blog!!). I’ve also gotten to write some amazing posts like my initial big traffic draw Dear Comic Fans: We Get it. You’re racist and racebending scares you. and that damn fandom post that won’t quit, Slash Shipping, Pseudo-Progressivism, and Reinforcing Patriarchal Standards in Fandom.

One of the best things about Stitch’s Media Mix is that it’s so uniquely mine. I can write about anything at any time that I want to write about it. From tipsy book reviews to yelling about a mediocre television series to talking about my mental health, I have a freedom here that I don’t necessarily have on other social media sites.

I love it!

I’m looking forward to doing more, writing more, and being more for my second year of running Stitch’s Media Mix and building my internet presence. I have no idea what the future will bring, only that I’m excited to see what else I can bring to the table for my friends, followers, and fellow bloggers.

Thank you all for making this journey with me!


Let’s talk about giveaways.

To celebrate the first anniversary for Stitch’s Media Mix, I’m running a giveaway for people who follow me and/or my blog and giving away some of my favorite things from 2015.

I’ll be giving away:

  • Grayson vol 1 + 2 (physical or digital formats)
  • A Finn FUNKOPOP figure
  • Digital Copies of Limbo #1 and Clean Room #1
  • Matt Wallace’s Envy of Angels (Kindle version)

This giveaway is only available to people in the United States because I’m using Amazon (and my Amazon Prime membership) to get the prizes to people and international shipping would make that difficult or even impossible to achieve.

Midway through the month though, there will be a giveaway for international friends and followers with at least five first issues of comics I’ve loved to pieces in 2015 (via comixology)! Keep your eyes posted and your fingers crossed!

US followers, fans, and friends, you can enter the giveaway here:

My Rafflecopter giveaway (because free WP accounts can’t host Javascript code)

And finally:

If you’re entering the giveaway, I’d love to know what you liked about Stitch Media Mix’s first year and what you’re hoping to see from me in the future!


2 thoughts on “Stitch’s Media Mix Turns 1 Year Old + Giveaway

  1. I’m super excited by, like, EVERYTHING you post because you’re just so !!! *flails* Like, everything you post is so detailed, so well researched (and of course I’m such a sucker for all things comic history and fandom related, even when it’s fandom bullshit), and just !! I’m just so excited to know you as a person and you’re such a great friend and I love you and– aaaaaah!!

    You’re just so ON in everything you write, like you get to the heart of things and just dig in and that’s so great. You’re so great! *flails*


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