Marvel Proves It Still Owns Fans’ Souls with New ‘Civil War’ Trailer

After months of waiting, the first trailer for Marvel’s next big hit movie is out and yeah, it’s freaking awesome. (Mostly because of this one scene at the end that made me laugh out loud… You’ll know it when you see it.) I’m excited for this movie in a way I wasn’t for Age of Ultron!

The trailer does leave me with questions that I’d like to have answers for and a couple of comments:

  1. When was Tony ever Steve’s friend? I always got the feeling that Tony was trying but Steve wasn’t here for any of it. At best, they were friendly coworkers, but that’s about it. There’s nothing in the two films they’ve been in together that says “man, these dudes are best friends comparable to Steve and Bucky” that warrants that betrayed line from Tony.
  2. I really don’t watch Captain America movies to see Tony Stark so I’m still so very salty about their decision to do Civil War as a Captain America film and not the third Avengers film (seriously, it would work so well and they could have introduced more characters to make the registration legislation look like it made sense…)
  3. What is the Vision doing right now?
  4. At first glance, regulation for superpowered humans seems like a good idea. Why didn’t they at least give us a hint at to what the supposedly sinister twist to all of this will be? Because with the amount of superheroes and “gifted” people we have running around the MCU now (thanks to Jessica Jones and the Netflix series’ implications), there’s not much to justify sanctioning/registering everyone outside of the people who cause the damage aka The Avengers. Maybe the government is still 90% hydra?
  5. Lots of white dudes… I’m guessing this won’t be a MCU film where we get WOC in major roles huh? (Still no Black & Latina women in reoccurring roles in the films and that SUCKS)
  6. Why is Black Widow on the registration’s side? Is this because of CATWS? I don’t get it.
  7. Really digging the Steve/Bucky relationship!!
  8. Ugh Hawkeye
  9. This is going to be a supremely busy movie. It looks good right now because all we have are trailers, but I’m actually a tiny bit worried that the plot is going to be spread thin over all of these characters.
  10. I’d much rather a Nick Fury cameo than a Stan Lee one since apparently, we’re not getting Nick in this movie…
  11. How did they come up with the “sides” for this thing? I get Rhodey on Tony’s side and Sam/Bucky/Wanda on Steve’s, but that’s about it.
  12. I’m already prepared for the toys and t-shirts that leave off Black Widow and the Scarlet Witch.

Despite any hesitation or concern, I’m still going to see Civil War. I actually promised my 12 year old niece that we’d see it the second that they announced it. I’m excited to finally see Tchalla on the big screen and I’m hoping that this movie means more than AoU which was yet another sequel to a sequel to me.


One thought on “Marvel Proves It Still Owns Fans’ Souls with New ‘Civil War’ Trailer

  1. Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
    I was hoping to see Spiderman in the trailer, but Black Panther is Awesome!
    Oh, I’m almost as giddy about this as I am Star Wars, which is saying something because I was never a Captain America fan.


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