Update – 11/18/2015

For the past few days, I haven’t been sleeping for very long. I think that I got 4 hours of sleep the day before yesterday and three the night before. Something out there just really wants me to be wide awake in the wee hours of the morning and it’s been hitting me something fierce.

One thing being awake endlessly is very good for, is working on new things to write. I’ve been busy jotting down story ideas and new article ideas at night so when I’m here rolling around during the day, I’m also actually working. Sure, I’m still a bit hazy since sleep deprivation works against me during the day, but no matter what, I’m reading. I’m planning. And of course, I’m writing.

What’s great is that right now I have a pretty good idea of what I’m getting up to for the rest of the month. So I’m going to force myself keep writing and checking off things on my checklist. This week I’m working on or writing about:

  • Red Thorn #1 review for Word of the Nerd
  • Clean Room #2 review for Word of the Nerd (Read it here)
  • Complete writing commission for S (technically, the first draft should be done tonight)
  • a post about JKR & the lack of diversity in her supposedly diverse world.
  • Editing and reposting two pieces of original historical fantasy fiction to this blog
  • First draft of cultural appropriation essay (where Patreon supporters get early access)
  • Short story exclusive to Patreon

Progress with Patreon is going… slowly, but one supporter is better than no supporters. However, I literally only started this venture this week. I may know my worth and all that jazz, but most people have no idea what I’m doing or what I’m bringing to the table. Despite the fact that I honestly thought I had a built in audience/fanbase on tumblr due to the followers on my main and fiction blogs, I maybe underestimated how much people liked me and liked reading my stuff there.

But I can do better. I can prove myself. In fact, I will do that. I refuse to give up so early on in the game.

Next, I’m still kind of middling at the social media stuff. Here and twitter are basically the only places I’m active on a regular basis although the Tumblr account connected to this one is still going strong. I’m working on communicating with people. It’s hard because my social anxiety really flares up when I’m dealing with people I want to do right by so I’m trying, but my brain is freaking out at the idea of failure. I’m going to try and comment and reply to people more but it will take time. I am working on it though and I appreciate every single comment that I get.

This has been this week’s update.

Now have a picture of a very cute cow: