[Snippet]: Breaking And Entering

I’m really pleased with how much progress I’ve made on this story. I thought that it’d be stuck in my WIP folder forever but something just clicked into place for it this past weekend and I wrote about four thousand words for it. I like the way that it’s turned out so far and I’m so pleased with this goopy and fluffy story that I’m going to just put my all into it and try and finish it as soon as possible!

This is a story about a lonely snake demon, a grouchy god with a sweet center, and the sentient temple that thinks that they’d be perfect together.


“Hello,” Asra says, hating the way that his voice warbles with anxiety. “Who’s there?”

“I believe that I should be the only one asking questions here. After all, this is my temple.” Oh. That voice. There’s only one person it could belong to, one Tal. Tal Katan emerges from the shadows, menacing and handsome in the way that all the Tals are. With long white hair that moves around him like a curtain and smooth brown skin, Tal Katan looks striking.

Or he looks as if he’s about to strike, Asra can’t tell the two apart sometimes.

Asra squeaks, the sound most unbecoming for a demon of his age, and then flops over onto his backside. As the Tal walks closer, Asra feels his eyes widen and widen until they feel as if they’re about to pop right out of his head. He’s alone with a Tal – on the god’s own territory at that.

“I’m Asra and I’m sorry,” Asra says into the tense silence, the words falling from his mouth before he even stops to think about how well the Tals usually take apologies. “I didn’t mean to break in, but it was raining and the doors were unlocked so I just – eep.” When Asra blinks both sets of eyelids, Tal Katan is just there in front of him, inches away and staring at Asra with the luminous green of his eyes so very close.

Tal Katan’s lips tighten with a frown. He reaches for Asra, strong fingers pressing into the flesh of Asra’s upper arms until it almost hurts. “Did you say that doors were unlocked?”

Asra is quick to nod.

“And the gates too,” he confesses. “I didn’t want to break in but I was so cold.” Asra pauses to bite at his bottom lip, glancing down so that he doesn’t have to see the naked loathing in Tal Katan’s eyes that’s probably there. “I just tested the gates and they –”

“Hush,” Tal Katan says. His voice softens by a fraction, as does the grip he has on Asra’s arms. The Tal moves back and then stands up, towering over Asra for a moment before reaching down to haul him to his feet. “If the temple opened to you, then it must be fate. You must belong here.”

Asra freezes.

“Belong… here?”

Tal Katan nods once, obviously displeased with Asra’s presence. “My temple is a sentient one,” he says in a low voice. “If xe opened to you, then xe feels as if you are needed within.”

I’m going to work on finishing this because I love it to pieces because these characters are just so fun to work with and Anatea is my second favorite setting. Ah!

Feel free to tell me what you think about the set up or the characters or anything like that!