Today In Unnecessary Boob Placement…


I adore the idea of a Gwen Stacy month for variant covers.  For years I’ve been peeved that the most common thing she’s been known for as a character is something super sucky.

But I have one question about this variant for the Groot book that I saw on twitter today: why does Groot!Gwen have breasts?

Is it that necessary to give her breasts so that readers can know for sure that Gwen is totally a woman?

I have a huge beef with how feminine bodies are portrayed in comics. The reliance on giving all women (even tree women!!) these pert and perky breasts as if they’re not recognizable as women otherwise.

Groot!Gwen isn’t even human and a tree certainly isn’t a mammal so why does she need breasts again?

It would be like giving all non-human dude aliens prominent phallic genitalia dangling between their legs irregardless of whether the species recreates like that.  But of course…  Comics don’t do that.

This is just an ongoing issue I have with comics.  Do they really think that we’re going to forget that women are women because they don’t have breasts? It’s so weird to me that this happens all the time.

Got a snake woman? Gotta give her breasts despite the fact that snakes aren’t mammals.

Robot women? Robot boobs.

Skeletal representation of death in the female form? Don’t ask me how or why,  but there will be bone titties mentioned at some point.

People are weird and preoccupied with being able to slot characters into the “appropriate”  gender box. Seriously,  Groot!Gwen really didn’t need tree titties for readers to understand who she was.