Camp Nano: The only kind of camp I’ll ever willingly participate in

I was one of those kids that always hated camp.

Day or summer camp it didn’t matter. I hated camp with the kind of furor that was reserved only for cabbage or presidential addresses that come on during the season finale of your favorite show.

But CampNano is different.

For one thing, I don’t have to leave the comfort of my bed and blankets to participate. That’s a pretty big draw for me.  So I’m in.

Last year was my first November doing Nanowrimo and it rocked. I hit 50k, finished one project and got 11k down for another. It was fabulous and I felt accomplished even though I’m still busy revising the work I did in November. So I’m here thinking of CampNanowrimo as an in-between period where I’m getting back in the groove of writing every day and writing a complete story.

I’m freaking excited.

This year, my CampNano project is 14k words towards the completion of a story I’ve been working on for the past month and a half.  It’s a M/M erotic romantic comedy with a  basis in demon-centered urban fantasy. I’m mashing genres like it’s my job and I love it! It’s the first in a universe I’ve had in my mind since last year all spiraling from the idea that magic is one thing that really shouldn’t be done while under the influence.

So here’s the blurb and an excerpt from my current novella project Accidental Demon Acquisition. 


Demon summoning is just one of those things that shouldn’t be done while under the influence. After a rough conversation with his ex-boyfriend, Corbin Edwards drunkenly decides to do something about the frustration that has been plaguing him for month.

Thanks to a demonology book that’d been gathering dust in the library in the weeks before he bought it, Corbin finds a perfect end to his frustration: the demon lord Asmodeus.

The problem is, though, that Asmodeus does’t exactly *want* to be on this side of the universe. At least, not at first.


“Open your eyes,” Asmodeus growls, squeezing Corbin’s wrists until Corbin has to open his eyes and shoot a glare up at him. Like this, close enough that their bodies touch with barely a space between them and with Corbin having to tilt his head back to make up the difference in their heights, there’s no way for Corbin to miss the way that Asmodeus’s features ripple and shift.

Suddenly, the man in front of Corbin doesn’t look very human at all.

His eyes shift, brightening until the iris gleams with the brilliant red of fresh blood, and the pupils narrow to snake-like thinness. At the crown of his forehead, two rams’ horns curve up and backwards, the points lost in the curls of his hair. Asmodeus even gets a few scales dappling the curve of his sharp jaw until he really doesn’t look human at all.

“Oh,” Corbin breathes, suddenly at a loss for words. His heart leaps up into his throat when Asmodeus smiles at him again with teeth a little sharper than they should be gleaming in the early morning sunlight beating down on them. “Oh crap. I – I –” At a loss for words, Corbin’s mind latches on to the first thing that comes to his mind. “You’re not going to eat me, are you?”

Asmodeus’s laughter is even richer than his speaking voice. He lets go of Corbin’s wrists with an abrupt motion, still chuckling to himself. He watches as Corbin tries to rub the feeling back into his wrists and then licks his lips with a faintly forked tongue.

The gesture really shouldn’t get Corbin as hot as it does.

Neither should that tongue.

“No,” Asmodeus says, “I only bite when I’m asked to.”