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Looking Back: The Authority Volume 1 (Issues 1 -12)

I vote for 25 more issues of The Wild Storm and new Wildstorm revival series done by queer people of color.

Are y’all with me? Continue reading

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Problematic Fave – The Authority: Human On The Inside

This is the first post of what’s going to be a regular feature on the blog. “Problematic Fave” is going to look at what else – my problematic faves from all over the place. From comics to the romance novels … Continue reading

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Quit Trying to Make Progressive Mark Millar Happen!

Major content/trigger warnings for mild to medium descriptions of/conversations revolving around: child sexual assault, molestation, rape (as a plot device), gang rape, pedophilia, sexual harassment. No. Seriously. Stop that shit. Maybe Mark Millar isn’t a bad guy. I don’t know … Continue reading

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