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Link Lineup – November 2020

I’ve been extremely online across October and I’m happy to say that the internet has not let me down. So I bring y’all some of the best content I’ve found across the internet between October and now! the return of … Continue reading

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Dealing With What Docile Doesn’t

Docile is a book that calls back to the history of slavery in the United States – the enslavement of Black people – and then hangs up the phone without so much as a timid “hello”. Its lack of true engagement with the still-painful, and still incredibly relevant past of slavery in the United States shows in how reviewers are responding to it as “yet another” gushy and empowering dark-fic in fandom. Continue reading

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What Fandom Racism Looks Like: (Not-So) Sexy Slavefic

Note: before we get into this piece, note that I am coming from this position as a queer Black person who has, in the past, purposefully read and written stories of the kind I am talking about in this piece. … Continue reading

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Urban Fantasy 101 – Southern Pride and Prejudice

Note: This installment of Urban Fantasy 101 deals with racism and slavery and was written in April for a grad school assignment.   People – writers and otherwise – romanticize a lot of weird (and beyond problematic) shit. From novels … Continue reading

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To Market, To Market

— To market, to market, to buy a plum bun/ Home again, home again, market is done. Maren walks two steps behind the governor’s wife on their way through the market near Fort Christensen, standing near enough to hear the … Continue reading

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