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Fleeting Frustrations #12 – Fandom Coverage Fails

And if you’re an “expert” in fandom, you can’t claim that Destiel shippers are on that level… especially not after getting upset when Rey/Kylo shippers’ similar behavior (to QAnon fans) earns itself a write up comparing the two. Continue reading

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What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Migratory Slash Fandom’s Focus

Note: The section on RPF and whtiewashing deals pretty plainly with real person fan fiction – where a real celebrity is treated like a character in fan works – but from the POV of “stop whitewashing them” rather than a … Continue reading

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The Slash Ship Checklist

Source: Slash Shipping, Pseudo-Progressivism, and Reinforcing Patriarchal Standards in Fandom Sometimes, when I see a white dude slash ship pick up steam across transformative fandom, all I can think about is how the ship seems like it exists just to … Continue reading

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