[Rant] When People on Pedestals Fall Off: MCU Cast Edition

This post contains mentions of sexism-as-humor and uncensored gendered slurs.


ScreenHunter_14 Apr. 23 20.22I’m pretty sure that everyone that cares about the Avengers or hates sexism has heard about what happened with Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner when doing press for Age of Ultron.

For those of you that missed it, here’s a quick summary:

During an interview with DigitalSpy, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner have themselves a nice sex shaming giggle over Black Widow. Because of her new relationship with Bruce Banner (who everyone figured out would be her love interest eventually because Whedon is predictable as hell and loves to humanize “monsters” through the love of a good woman), they got together and giggled over the only lady on the Avenger’s roster presumably because they’re both toddlers… or maybe they’re just turds.Read More »