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Thread Collection: On Racefakers (3/14/2021)

They absolutely then start to pull the “did you assume my ethnicity” card and claim they’re white passing or claim some shade of brownness when they’re literally just… white.
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[Stitch Likes Stuff] “Criticism Will Never Be Censorship”

Writers these days are awfully sensitive. I keep seeing published authors – and people who want to be published – wailing on social media about their fear of censorship and how we’re basically just a few bleak moments away from … Continue reading

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Quit Trying To Make”Forced Diversity” Happen (It’s Not A Thing)

Whenever authors talk about how much they hate “forced diversity” and how annoyed they are that readers and bloggers now expect writers to create that they call “unrealistic” worlds where people who are not the default (by being queer, POC … Continue reading

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