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[Stitch Talks Ish] Episode 8A: Map of the Soul ON:E – Day One Reaction

On Buzzsprout! The music spaced between the parts of this and the following episode comes from Shoepop – Loyalty Freak Music and I got the MP3 from Pixabay! Have you listened to my Map of the Soul: 7 episode yet? … Continue reading

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[Stitch Talks Ish] Episode 6: When Black Lives Matter, But Black Opinions Don’t

They’ve bought the books. they own White Fragility. They share their few friends of colors’ GoFundMe ease and cashapps. They really do care about racism in the abstract.

And of course, they definitely don’t want Black people being killed because we’re Black, but they also don’t really care about us as people. Continue reading

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Stitch Talks Ish Episode 5 – Returning to the Anitaverse

On Buzzsprout/On Spotify Did you check out last month’s look back at my year-long project on Korean pop and hip hop? Here’s a screenshot of Hamilton’s tweet about diversity My piece: “Too White Bread for This Shit: Race and Racism … Continue reading

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Stitch on The James Bond Cocktail Hour: Die Another Day

(Part One) (Part Two) I love James Bond. No shame. Those of y’all that have been around from the beginning of this blog know that I spent half of 2015 writing about James Bond for The Mary Sue. That was … Continue reading

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[Stitch Talks Ish] Episode 2: Stitch Talks About The Rey/Kylo Fandom and Weaponized White Womanhood

Episode Notes: Content Warnings: I talk explicitly about antiblack racism in fandom and white women weaponizing their femininity in service to it. I also briefly mention how part of this involves setting up a fear of John/that John will assault … Continue reading

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[Stitch Talks Ish] Episode 1: Stitch Talks About The Tablo Podcast’s Episode on Racism

At the end of the day, it’s not like I was expecting a single person on this podcast to talk about East Asian antiblackness or antiblackness in general. So I’m not actually trying to place my own burden of responsibility on them. But I feel like it was a bruise on an otherwise genuinely awesome episode because there was no need to zero in on Black Panther in the way they did, I feel like… it wasn’t a great moment and it was unnecessary on top of that. Continue reading

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Stitch on JinJja Cha Podcast’s Anti-Blackness in KPOP Episode

Jinjja Cha is a weekly podcast hosted by Girl Davis and April about South Korean Pop Culture and everything else in between. You can find them on: Soundcloud Twitter April’s Twitter Girl Davis’ Twitter Their Website My appearance on Jinjja … Continue reading

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Stitch on The Shipping Podcast

I had a blast talking about cannibalism and Hannigram with Shirasade! This was such a delightful experience and I loved every minute of it! If you’ve ever wondered about one of my favorite fandoms (and one of my favorite ships) … Continue reading

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