Utopia Is Fantasy (Sports)

Imagine a nerd space that had so much respect that people didn’t even comment on its presence.  One with dedicated TV-channels that spent hours talking about the nerdiest of all nerd things — numbers. One where even basic channels spent programming time on helping millions of nerds figure out the crunchiest parts of their tabletop role playing game (TTRPG).

Do you have that utopia in your head?

What if I told you it exists and it’s sports?

No really, I’m being serious.

Sports spaces are some of the nerdiest spaces I’ve ever been in. They’re loud, sure, and very mainstream (a thing certain other nerd spaces definitely see as inherently normie). They definitely have a reputation for being aggressive and abusive and unsafe that– same as every other group’s reputation– is both earned and unearned. But they are also full of nerds who obsess over things like statistics, and magic rituals, and the latest tech.

And yes there’s a TTRPG that gets television air time.

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