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Link Lineup June 2021

Finding Queer Asian America in the Margins When I began the research for Last Night at the Telegraph Club in earnest, I knew that I needed to know more about those lesbians of color. More specifically, I needed to know … Continue reading

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Music Video Anatomy #9 – Bermuda Triangle

I’d genuinely love to ask Zico what he thinks a Black soul is and how he knows he has one. If he can explain it to me without being incredibly antiblack, I won’t sneak and pinch his ears if we’re ever in the same public space. Continue reading

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What Stitch Listened To In 2020

When I’m working on Day Job, writing the next thing that’ll make nerds frothy mad at me (because I’m right), or even now as I rewatch Love O2O for the millionth time, I’ve always got music playing somewhere. Continue reading

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Music Video Anatomy #3 – No More Dream

Did you catch the first two installments of my Music Video Anatomy series last month? I covered Epik High’s epic ode to hating the haters “Born Hater” and the H1GHR Music collab for the TELÉFONO Remix! Title: No More Dream … Continue reading

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What’s Real About Hip-Hop Anywhere?

Across Hanguk Hip Hop, Myoung-Sun Song seeks to answer several pressing questions about Korean hip hop – made by and for Koreans in Korea for the most part – and one of the ones that has stuck with me is … Continue reading

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Music Video Anatomy #2 – TELÉFONO Remix

Title: TELÉFONO Remix  Artist: pH-1, HAON, Woodie Gochild, Jay Park, Sik-K, TRADE L, Big Naughty Setting: This music video – which does double duty as a lyric video – is set in a Mexican restaurant in what appears to be … Continue reading

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Link Lineup – October 2020

Hey friends and assorted nerds, I come bearing some links to things that have held my attention since last time we did this! Go read, watch, or listen to them right away! John Boyega: ‘I’m the only cast member whose … Continue reading

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Stitch Reviews D-2

Spotify/Buzzsprout This is a bonus episode because I am nothing if not extremely extra and I had thoughts about Yoongi’s second outing as Agust D. (90% Positive, I promise.) Have you listened to Episode 3 – Stitch Talks Map of … Continue reading

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Authenticity Essay #4: Gatekeepers and Idol Rappers

Back when BTS was a baby group, they were subject to what seems (to me, as a fan coming later on to the group) like a really disproportionate amount of criticism. One theme that got the group loads of criticism? … Continue reading

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Quick Coverage: All Eyez On YunB Proving Why East Asian Appreciation and Appropriation of Blackness Are Two Sides of the Same Antiblack Coin

I know that not a single one of y’all wanted to know that there’s going to be a South Korean musical version of Tupac’s life called All Eyez on Me performed by a cast that, as far I can tell, … Continue reading

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Authenticity Essay #2 – Girls (Not) On Top

If you’re a woman in hip hop that’s surrounded by dudes in Hood Cosplay telling you that you have to be more like them to be taken seriously –

What will you reach for in your quest to be authentic? Continue reading

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Featuring… Blasian Celebs

Last February, the closest I got to a Black History Month post was my review of Horror Noire on Shudder. This year, I’m aiming a little closer to what I’m writing about on the regular, by focusing on Black and … Continue reading

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Bad Rap – Better A Second Time?

What captured my attention in a second viewing of Bad Rap was how much the – primarily male – rappers on screen talked about their journey to rap, and truly, hip hop history as an Asian American, in the context of questing for authenticity and belonging. Continue reading

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Introducing Authenticity (Mini-Essay #1)

I sound like a Barbie doll most of the time. Or Daria. If you heard me on the phone without knowing anything about me or without seeing my profile picture, you’d probably think I was a sure front runner to … Continue reading

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Note: This timeline is an attempt on my and Jaeyoung’s parts to show a trajectory and some major moments for hip-hop that potentially put these cultures into conversation. As a result, timeline does not cover every single event that happened … Continue reading

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