Reimagining (Aspects of) The Omegaverse: Purity Culture

Content warnings: this installment deals with purity culture and descriptions of oppression that parallels our gender based forms of oppression.

The Norm: Virgin Omegas or Bust

How It Looks/Works

Omegas (who are or were – at some point in their evolution – a type of being that could get pregnant) are expected to be “pure” by their society and they’re punished for not remaining pure/virginal.

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Reimagining (Aspects of) The Omegaverse: A Mini Series – INTRO

There are almost 150,000 stories on the AO3 tagged with Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics. I’d like to say that I have probably read between 5 and 10 percent of that. I find omegaverse incredibly entertaining. I’ve been writing my own across the years. Most recently I’ve posted my original series “alphas deserve bullying” and reposted my old DCU omegaverse series with updates.

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