The Pup – Original Fiction

Killer Whale

Kabi didn’t mean to adopt a killer whale pup.

Note: A shorter version of this piece was originally hosted on Patreon!

Kabi didn’t mean to adopt a killer whale pup.

She’d been swimming several leagues from the village, chasing her own tail in lazy circles as she kept an eye out for any predators too pumped up on hunger to realize that a selkie was an entirely different creature when compared to a seal.

And then, she saw it it.

The shadow of a massive whale gliding just above her head.

At first glance, Kabi was quick to assume that it’s a narwhal, one member of the playful pod that often hung around her people. Then, she noticed the lack of a horn and, shortly after that, the rounded, black and white body that reminded her of the dolphins that the slimmer, sleeker selkies in the South Seas often played with.

At the sight of the killer whale, Kabi’s body locked up as fear sped up her spine.Read More »


The Insomniac – Flash Fiction

The Insomniac - Title Card

Malik wishes for sleep. Instead, he receives company and a command from his most confusing housemate.

Malik can’t bring himself to go back to bed – back to the place where dark thoughts and waking nightmares burst into reality in the less than pleasant darkness of his room. Instead, the djinn walks the short distance from his room to the common area that he shares with his housemates.Read More »

[Flash Fiction] Cigarette Break

Content warning for suicidal ideation/thoughts, depiction of depression


For the third time in a week and a half I consider jumping.

To everyone I work with, it’s just a cigarette break.

I look busy but uninterested in my own mortality while the smoke keeps everyone that’d consider questioning me staying too far away to get involved.

I don’t even like smoking. Not really. At this point, I do it because it creates distance and that’s the one thing I need when I want to stand on the roof and stare at the city out in front of me and the ground that’s so far away.Read More »