In Defense of Fanfiction Writers

startup-593327_1280The first thing that I want to do whenever I finish a series is to start writing fanfiction for it.

The series could be perfect, full of perfect plot twists and characters that I want to curl up with, but I’ll still feel like cracking open a Word doc and penning a little something for it.

That’s just how my mind works. For me, the best way to show off that I read and enjoyed a series is to write about it. I don’t have that many followers on my little blog where I do the occasional review, but plenty of people read my fanfiction.Read More »


No, I haven’t seen [popular piece of nerd media] and I don’t intend to…

Look! This combines two nerdy things I  don't particularly care about!
Look! This combines two nerdy things I don’t particularly care about!

I don’t get the point of many nerd fave franchises.

The first time I watched a Star Wars film, I was fifteen. The first time I cared about Star Trek was maybe when the first new movie came out. I started Buffy on its last season and gave up on Angel well before its last season was even a blip in Whedon’s radar. And despite being named Zina and being homophone twins with everyone’s favorite warrior princess, it took me most of my life to actually sit down and watch more than two episodes. I know Bruce Campbell not from any movies he’s been in, but from his role on Burn Notice.

And of course, I’ve never watched (or cared about) Firefly. Read More »