In Moderation

I’ve had comments moderated since I started this site because I don’t want the comment sections on my blog to turn into a mess when I talk critically about fandom or nerd culture.

That’s not going to change.

You literally couldn’t pay me money to allow that kind of access to some of the people I’ve seen salivating over the urge to get nasty on critical posts about nerd/fandom culture. My need for safety on the internet and self-care are more important than any stranger’s need to belittle me or insult me for being critical about something they like.

So yeah, when some dude on the internet proceeds to comment on a months’ old post (From October!!) condescending at me and being kind of a jerk on what’s actually a pretty poignant post about why I love romance comics despite everything they represent of the United States’ history with racism and sexism, of course I’m going to let it stay in the spam box. It’s my blog, I get to do that!

When he comments again with the same comment, I’m going to let spam handle it as well.

And when he comments a third time a few minutes after saying that commenting on my  blog is useless (because he can’t belittle me in public, I guess), then I ban his IP address because I have done nothing to earn this person’s attention or his ire and I do not have to deal with it either.

Look, if you hate when people on the internet talk critically about the things they love, just talk up the things you love about that thing on your own website. You’re not entitled to a space at anyone’s table or a comment on anyone’s blog and to expect otherwise is rude.