Elektra steals the show in this second trailer for Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2

Elodie Yung is going to own the role of Elektra. Seriously, watching the new trailer for Netflix and Marvel’s second season of Daredevil gives me all of the feels.

Elektra is a character that’s been criminally underused over the years and has existed in a nigh perpetual stasis in the same time. Frank Miller killed her off ages ago, but she’s really never had the chance for rebirth the way that some many (male) characters have had.

So seeing her onscreen and fighting alongside Matt is wonderful! We had some great female characters last season,  but you can always use more. Also,  I’m still pretty sure the show has yet to pass the Bechdel Test as it’s used so I’m hoping that it’ll do better on that front and not only have the female characters in Daredevil interact with one another, but for them to do so without dealing with them only talking about the men in their respective lives.Read More »