How my island upbringing inspired “The Carnival That Comes After”

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This is a little backstory post about my story “The Carnival That Comes After” in Dirty Birds PressUndercities anthology which has two weeks left on its Kickstarter campaign. (So go pledge!)

When I was a wee teenager, my mother would go shopping at this one mall and she’d leave me in the bookstore for hours. I’d dive right into the romance and urban fantasy genres, pouring over books that I probably shouldn’t have read (but were still more appropriate than Anne Rice’s everything or Flowers in the Attic).

One of my earliest memories of this period in my life is reading this ridiculous selkie romance novel. I can’t remember anything about the book except that it was historical fantasy set on an island off the coast of Scotland and had a gorgeous, red-haired woman on the cover, but I think that was the book that sparked my special-interest in selkies.

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