Radioplay Day – Blue Beetle – Episode 1 “Drug Ring”

blue-beetle-coverDownload Link: HERE

Airdate: May 15, 1940

Main Characters/Actors: Dan Garrett (Frank Lovejoy)

Is Dan Garrett anyone’s favorite Blue Beetle?

Granted, that’s a little bit unfair seeing as he was the only Blue Beetle for several decades, but you’ve got to wonder… Are there people (who weren’t you know… alive during the 40s) who hold Dan Garrett up as their favorite Blue Beetle when Jaime Reyes and Ted Kord exist?

That being said, Dan Garrett was popular enough to get his own radio series between May and September of 1940.  For an anti-drug, anti-gang morality tale that seriously misrepresents the effects of smoking marijuana (or “dope”) on human behavior, well… It was a thing.

(Look, all of these old-timey radioshows can’t be The Shadow or the KKK-busting Adventures of Superman. Some of them had to be the superhero version of public service announcements and in many ways, that’s what Blue Beetle was.)Read More »