Small Stitch Reviews – Bingo Love

Bingo Love Cover

Title: Bingo Love
Creators: Tee Franklin (writer), Jenn St-Onge and Joy San (Art), Genevieve FT (Cover)
Genre: Slice of Life, Queer Romance
Rating: Highly Recommended

Publisher: Image Comics
Publishing Date: February 14, 2018

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I can’t settle on just one adjective to describe Tee Franklin’s Bingo Love.




So many different words apply because in many ways, Bingo Love is the queer comic of my dreams! I signed up to support Tee on Kickstarter the moment that the comic project was announced and I finally got the chance to sit down and read my copy today.

Bingo Love is so good. It’s incredibly powerful to see a story of Black queer love told across decades and you can see just how much work Tee, Jenn, and Joy put into this book. This slice of life graphic novel holds nothing back as it focuses on Mari and Hazel’s relationship with one another across their lives (including both internalized and external societal homophobia). It made me tear up MULTIPLE times because it just hit all of the right emotional notes and that ending — oh!

Seriously, if you haven’t pre-ordered Bingo Love yet, you need get on that right now! Because Bingo Love is one of the best comics I’ve ever read and we should all be excited to see where Tee goes from here!





On “Typecasting” and Opportunities in the Comics Industry

Consider this a follow up to yesterday’s post about the fear and annoyance with Brian Michael Bendis writing Riri Williams when he has a clear track record of mishandling black characters.

Shortly after writing my post, I saw a series of tweets by Marvel editor Alanna Smith that really rubbed me the wrong way.

In the first tweet, one that clearly referenced Black anger and annoyance to BMB writing yet another Black legacy character in Riri Willams, Smith said that, “I strongly dislike the idea that people can only write comics starring characters that look like them. Leads to typecasting on both sides…”

She then followed the tweet with a big BUT (literally: “…BUT the industry always needs to do better and I’d love some recs of comics by black female creators. What are you reading/writing now?”) before moving into a series of tweets where she tries to explain her positioning but really doesn’t do more than get gummy White Feminism ™ all up in the gears.

I have a major bone to pick with her over the idea that “both sides” risk being typecast in the comics industry when it comes to writing diverse characters and it’s indicative of a serious problem.

Let’s be very clear here: There is no universe where white guys are typecast or pigeonholed into only writing white guys.

That is literally not how that works.Read More »

Perpetual Bitterness & Nightwing #30

Nightwing 30 Unlettered Cover

I think I’m always going to be a little bit mad about the version of Nightwing #30 that we got and the version that Meghan Hetrick pencilled.

The story she was illustrating was a poignant look at Dick’s life and the people who loved him, but that it gave the readers (who largely knew he was returning in another comic) a bridge between the two series.

I don’t know what went down and why we weren’t able to get the original story planned and written by James Tynion IV back in May 2014, but it’s always going to bug me.

I could be eighty-years old and talking to my adopted children on my deathbed and I will remember to complain about how much that final issue let me down in terms of closure for Dick and the rest of his friends and family.Read More »

Comic Review – Clean Room #1

Clean Room 1 - Cover by Jenny Frison
Clean Room 1 – Cover by Jenny Frison
  • Writer: Gail Simone
  • Art: Jon Davis-Hunt
  • Letters: Todd Klein
  • Publisher: Vertigo Comics
  • Release Date: October 21, 2015

Is there anything that Gail Simone touches that doesn’t turn to gold?

Simone is heading up the massively awesome Swords of Sorrow crossover event at Dynamite Entertainment, writing Secret Six again, and now, she’s at DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint with her first series for them and it is good.

Clean Room #1 is a story of psychological terror that revolves around Chloe Pierce’s attempts to find out the truth about the charismatic Astrid Mueller, the woman whose new church and self-help books are directly responsible for the death of Chloe’s lover.

This is a great book and a wonderful start to this series done by Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt. Check out my review and then check out the book (or do it the other way around if you don’t like your comics spoiled!). And above all, enjoy!

For the rest of my review, head on over to Word of the Nerd!

Comic Review – Clean Room #1