Urban Fantasy 101: Angels in the Genre

We’ve done demons, the fae, and shifters. How did we make it this long without talking about one of my biggest obsessions in the genre… Angels. Now I did grow up in a Christian household so that probably explains some of my focus. While I’ve since moved on far away from that – I have kept a shrine of Dionysus for the past 3 years and worshiped him privately without that for years before – I can’t escape this fixation that I have always had with those winged wonders. 

Hilariously, my angel thing can be traced directly back to three specific pieces of media, not actually church: the 1999 film Dogma, Kaori Yuki’s Angel Sanctuary, and Yun Kouga’s Earthian. All three of these pieces of media can, if you stretch your understanding of the genre really far, count as urban fantasy. They are, in the case of the latter two, clearly proto-urban fantasy. 

Anyway, let’s dig into this!

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[Book Review] Archangel’s Enigma by Nalini Singh

arch angel's enigma

Rating: Highly Recommended
Release Date: September 2015

At this point in my life, I’d read just about anything from Nalini Singh. Archangel’s Enigma, the eighth full book in her Guild Hunter series, simply solidifies that desire.

This book is just a good book.

Straight up.

For seven books we’ve seen the evolution of these different characters. We’ve watched Elena and Raphael battle their figurative demons as well as go head to head against the intensely overpowered archangel Lijuan. At this point, these characters are pretty well set up and you’re strapped in for the ride because you need to know what happens next. After Archangel’s Shadows, the book that gave us Ashwini and Janvier’s intense and emotional story, we were all like “how is she going to top this?”

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