White Feminism Strikes Again: American Gods Edition

I can’t imagine watching a show like American Gods where Shadow Moon (played by Ricky Whittle) is onscreen and fantastic only to then writing an honest to god article about how his undead wife Laura was the actual star of the show.

I mean, erasing a male character of color for a white woman who’s hurt him is actual textbook white feminism right there. I’ve seen it happen with a TON of male characters of color getting passed over for a pseudo-empowering white lady character (who probably hurts or abuses him in their canon) in fandom.

But Shadow is clearly the star of the show.

I mean, for once I thought fandom would do the smart thing and be all over Shadow because he’s basically perfect. (But I guess I forgot the White Feminist response to Luke Cage – show and character.)

How do you make it through six episodes of American Gods and come out thinking that anyone aside from Shadow Moon is the main character?

Is it because ensemble casts with a clear lead confuse you?

Or, and I figure that this is the more likely option, is it that you’ve been conditioned to see tiny white women doing anything as super empowering even if they’re literal scum?Read More »